Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Trying to Enjoy the Weather

*Warning - these pics are un-edited and straight from my phone.  I was so mad I left the camera at home!*

Since the weather was nice again today I really wanted to take advantage of it and spend a little while at the park.  My plan was supposed to go like this.  Have Noelle rest while I showered, get her up to pack toy's and other stuff to keep her busy at the Klette house, pick up a Starbucks and head to the park about 2:45.  Well wouldn't you know that Noelle actually FELL ASLEEP during rest time.  She hasn't done that at home in a good year or more.  She will sleep at school a couple times a week, but NEVER at home.  I ended up waking her at 3:20 so we could get to the school in time for when Adam was released.  (We were late, of course.  Thank goodness Adam could care less and just played at the park till we got there.  He is so great!)  Aside from letting the kids play at the park I really wanted to get the dog out and let him run around.  As soon as we got there Adam took Shadow and they ran the heck out of each other.  Shadow is always hesitant to leave me, but once he gets far enough away he has a great time.

The kids LOVE this silly gator!

He was still going even after giving Shadow back to me.

There were a couple dogs who were being allowed to run around loose on the school field.  I think he was jealous, but I only believe in allowing him off leash at home and at a dog park.

LOL!  This baby swing was low enough to the ground that she could get in and out on her own.  She thought it was great fun.  

What a weirdo!

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