Friday, January 20, 2012

Awesome Christmas and Birthday Gifts

Noelle got a few really fun gifts for Christmas and her birthday.

She LOVES cotton candy and Grandpa Ron has been buying it for her often since baseball season last summer.  Enter this:

It is super easy to use and clean.  Also, you can make any flavor your heart desires so long as they sell a hard candy in that flavor.

We haven't actually gotten around to trying this one out yet, but I think we will do it this weekend.  If you are a girl chances are you had a version of this growing up.  

She got this one for her birthday and we tried it out that night.  Let me tell you, as a pregnant woman who is always hot it really hit the spot!!  Do you think they would allow us to bring it for labor and delivery?!?!  It is also really easy to use.  I'm pretty sure it will get a TON of use this summer.  I love that I won't be buying nearly the amount of popsicles I usually would.

I think the snow cone maker and cotton candy machine are going to get a lot of use for birthday parties and pretty much any other event held at our house.  Hey, she could even earn money selling to the neighborhood kids, and adults!

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