Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Finally asleep

I asked Noelle if she slept during nap time at school and she said yes.  I then asked why she won't do that at home.  She says she doesn't like her bed.  I rather grumpily told her it is a great bed and there is nothing wrong with it.  (I wish MINE were so comfy!)  Can someone please explain to me how a vinyl mat with crib sheet placed on the hard floor can be more comfortable than an actual bed with a pillow?!

Last night, after Merle left from fixing the furnace, Justin and I wanted to try to watch an episode of Big Love.  Noelle was having a really hard time going to bed though.  She wouldn't stay in her room and kept going back and forth with the whole "I want Mommy" and "I want Daddy" thing.  I'll admit she was all revved up from Uncle Merle's visit and really wanted to stay up with us.  But, I was already annoyed with her behavior from earlier in the evening at dinner and was done with her.  Plus, she had already gotten to stay up a half hour later than normal.  We finally just went downstairs and started the show and fully ignored her.  The above picture is what we came upstairs to an hour later.  I did make Justin put her into her bed.  I just don't believe she is going to get very restful sleep on her floor.

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