Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Dance

Noelle dancing with Uncle Derrick. Sooo sweet! At times you can hear her both singing and giggling.

Adam's first spelling

The kids were doing some coloring at work yesterday. Adam very rarely puts any effort into his colorings and drawings. To be honest, you can't usually tell the difference between what he does and what Noelle does. The only bad report he has ever received in 2 years of preschool was because he scribbled through an assignment since he knew he had to get it done in order to move on to something else. He does actually enjoy drawing pictures if you are sitting and guiding him through it. I asked his teachers what they thought about it and they said its okay to have him start over if all he does is scribble and he has been told to draw nicely. Yesterday I told him I wanted pretty pictures and that I wanted to be able to tell the difference between his and Noelle's papers.

According to Adam this picture is supposed to show how everybody in our family is special. Each colored section is for someone different. When he wanted to write mommy he asked me how to spell it and I almost told him. Then I remembered what his teacher told me about letting him spell things phonetically. I think he actually did a great job on mommy and daddy. I was kinda impressed he put y's on the end, but since he is reading he does know that an 'e' at the end of a word is usually silent. I have wondered all along if me teaching him to read (instead of leaving it to someone qualified) was just screwing him up, I guess not!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Her favorite pastime...

We stopped at the Brewery in Estes Park for lunch right before heading back to town. One minute she was eating pizza, then it fell on the ground, then she was out! Of course she woke up when we put her in the car and never did go back to sleep. Yeah, 4 days and only short naps mostly in the car. I guess by this point she was really tired.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

All the dirt a girl could want...

Noelle really enjoyed camping this year. I didn't matter how many times we tried to clean her up, this is how she would end up! I actually cut her nails halfway through the trip because I couldn't stand the nasty dirt under the nails look any longer.

More on our trip to Estes Park to come!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

AHA Heart Walk

I walked along with Sheri and Stef this morning for 3+ miles in the American Heart Association's Heart Walk!! It felt great and was for a wonderful cause that is close to my heart. My step mom, Sheri, has heart disease and her mom, Mary Jane Crownover, died of a stroke. I was honored to walk in honor/tribute to these wonderful women today.

This is how Noelle spent most of the hour and a half it took. It was actually a blessing since I didn't have to fight to keep her in the stroller.

The route crossed the Platt River. I was, and still am, amazed at how full it is. Most of my memories are of drought conditions in Colorado, so I just can't get over all this water!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Photo: Around and around she goes!

Noelle enjoys this seat thing at Walnut Hills Park. You sit in it and someone gives you a push and you go around and around. It works really well dependant on how you sit in it. Sitting cross legged worked great for Noelle! I have tried it and couldn't believe how fast it went, plus it's hard to stop when you are done.

A Little Of This...

And a LOT of that! We kept rather busy this week. Here's what we did:

Saturday 5/30 - Adam had t-ball practice in the morning, then the kids and I headed over to Arapahoe County Park for the CYBSA season opening event. The most important part of the event was getting team and individual pictures taken. But there was fun stuff for the kids as well. Both Dinger and the Chick-fil-A cow were there. They also had a giant blow up slide and obstacle course. Adam thought both were tons of fun. The slide was really tall, so I kicked off my shoes and took Noelle up since she wanted to try it. When we got to the top she started freaking out, at that point though there was only one way back down. And it was FAST and STEEP. Noelle didn't want to go again (I loved it though and would have happily gone over and over again!).

Adam was "drafted" by the Rays!! In the CYBSA all the teams are named after MLB teams. It's really neat and fun for the kids.

I'm not sure what's with the kid's expressions, but look at the size of the slices of pizza! A funny side note about Noelle - she eats her pizza upside down, we have yet to convince her that the crust goes down.
Adam had SOOO much fun!!
Monday 6/1 - Adam had his first game! They played the Phillies and it was a "tie" game. If you are not familiar with novice t-ball here's how it works. They play 3 innings. Each inning consists of all players on both teams batting AND running all the bases. It is really all about teaching them how the game works. It is great fun to watch and absolutely hilarious at times. The low point of the game was when the Phillies "pitcher" took one to the head. Poor little guy, but the kid that had hit the ball was just as upset about it. You had to feel bad for both of them. As a team we voted to put the kids first names on their shirts, we all thought it would help in cheering them on. Also it is nearly impossible to tell the kids apart when they are in full uniform.
Aren't they adorable!! BTW, Adam is the middle boy with the yellow on his glove. He is just so natural at baseball, look at that stance!
Wednesday 6/3 - Adam's last day of preschool!! He has 7 weeks off before he starts Kindergarten on July 30th. One of the weirdest parts for me is that will will be going 5 days a week for Kindi. After 2 years of 4 day a week preschool it just seems odd and I can't quite wrap my head around it. So after we picked Adam up at school we drove up to Commerce City to take a dear friend and her family a meal. They live very close to DIA so I thought it would be fun to take the kids over so they could watch the plains take off. I packed a lunch and we sat in the back of the van with the tailgate up while we watched and ate. I think we all enjoyed it! When we moved by Centennial Airport a year ago I had told Adam that one weekend morning we could take breakfast and go watch the planes take off and land. Even though we never got around to it, he never forgot about the promise, and would even remind me about once a month. Promise fulfilled buddy!!

I didn't think much about having left an empty laundry basket in Noelle's room Wednesday night, but she sure did! Maybe if I started letting her sleep all night in these weird and (to me) uncomfortable positions she would quit sleeping that way. But no, every time it happens I move her into her nice comfy bed and put a blanket over her, but not before I take a picture. I could easily make a whole album of pictures of this kid sleeping.

Thursday 6/4 - Even though Wednesday was the last classroom day we had a class picnic to go to for Adam's preschool in the morning. It was at a park we go to all the time, which was really nice. What I was not expecting was for both the am AND pm classes to be there. Since Adam has always been in am the pm classes just don't exist to me. I was very fortunate that A's Nana was with us. She was able to stay with A so I could stay with Noelle. I have to be honest and say I had no clue where Adam even was most of the time, but he is not a child you have to worry about running off without you.We had a great time and it was nice to see everyone one last time. A group of us who have been doing park days on Tuesday's after school do plan on continuing to have play dates over the summer, so that will be nice Noelle being her normal disastrous self managed to face plant off the swing from the highest backward point. She was fine and didn't have a mark on her, of course.
After work the kids had their dentist appointments for their 6 month cleaning. They did awesome as usual and we still have no cavities!!
Friday 6/5 - Even though today was out "down" day, it didn't really work out that way. The kids where given a bunch of Toys-R-Us gift cards at Christmas and Adam got another one for his birthday. Now that we are in the house it was time to go shopping! Adam has wanted a specific Batman play set by Imaginext for over 6 months, maybe a while longer. He finally got to get it today. We never got it for him because it was $45 and I just thought it looked a little babyish for him. Well, he loves it!! I'll get a picture of him with it soon. Noelle (and I) got a sand and water table for outside. I have wanted for for years and finally went for it. Half of the price came out of Noelle's gift certificates and I covered the rest. It is pretty neat and they both love it. I will also get pics of them playing with it at some time.
Did you know today was National Donut Day? We did!! Before we went to Toys-R-Us we went over to Krispy Kreme and each had a free donut to mark the occasion. This was a very special treat for all of us and we definitely enjoyed it!

Now we are getting geared up for another busy Saturday. Adam has another game at 9am tomorrow that J will take him to. Noelle and I are headed up north bright and early to go walk in the AHA Heart Walk with Stef and Sheri. I am excited to have Noelle do a girls day with us. Wish us luck for our 3 miles with a toddler and dog in tow!!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!