Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Busy as always!

WOW, it's been over a month since I have had the time to blog.  I guess I'll be checking my Facebook statuses in order to see what we've been up to so I can Blog about it.  LOL!!

I can manage to remember this last week on my own though!  Monday July 21st was Adam's last day of Kindergarten!!  He seemed to have a good day and I was able to leave work a little early in order to surprise him by picking him up after school.  He had a t-ball game that night and was eating an early dinner when he started complaining his throat hurt and doing the barking cough thing.  It occured to me that maybe he shouldn't go spend 2 hours running around outside, BUT since he would be missing the next 2 games I really wanted him to go .  So we went.  He was fine all evening, the same but no worse.  3 am was a whole different story.  I woke up to him standing next to the bed completely hoarse, high fever, and very bad stridor.  I knew right away he had croup and took him into the bathroom and turned the hot water on full blast.  About 10 minutes later he was complaining that his neck and jaw hurt, and that the steam was hurting his eyes.  Made the call and was told to bring him to the ER as soon as we could.  Heidi got a 3:30am wake up call to come sleep on the sofa with Noelle and we were off.  The Children's Hospital at Parker Adventist is only 10 minutes max from our house.  Thank you E-470!!  The gave him liquid steroid and a Rx for 1 more dose for the next night and sent us on our way.  Might be the shortest ER visit ever, and that's just fine.  We were home and I was back to sleep by 5 am.  He has recovered nicely and managed to keep it to himself.

I had a nice relaxing few days by myself this past weekend.  Both of the kids have been camping with their Daddy, cousins, and Mama and Papa for the last few days.  They will get home today and life will return to normal.  I am excited to hear how much fun they had, although I admit I really enjoyed a little downtime from all of them. 

I have the next week off work and am looking forward to some fun times:

Thursday - Adam has a t-ball game.  This is a make-up game from an earlier day that was cancelled to to the really wet fields.

Friday - We are planning on going to Water World with Stef and a friend and her kids.  This will be both kids' first time and I haven't been for pry 8 years.

Saturday - Ren Fest!!!  We look forward to this day every year.  We also have pics up in Superior with J's extended family in the afternoon.  Should be interesting trying to get good pics of sweaty, sunscreened, tired people.  LOL!

Sunday - Rockies game!  This is also a make-up deal.  A few Sundays ago we went to the game because it was CYBSA day at the Rockies (this is the league Adam plays for).  The kids were supposed to be doing a pre-game parade on the track but it was cancelled because the track was really wet and icky from all the rain.  We stayed and watched all 8 1/2 innings and had a good time, even though we were bundled as if we were at a football game.  The guys who walk around selling refreshments and snacks had to change their tactics a little.  They had hot chocolate and whipped cream on their trays!  LOL!  After the game we will head home for our block party.  It is tons of fun and I am really looking forward to it!

Monday - We will all be trying to sleep in after a very late night!  I am hoping for a calm, quiet, relaxing day at home.  Adam does have a t-ball game in the evening though.

I wish everyone a very happy Independence Day on Sunday!!