Saturday, January 7, 2012

Apples to Apples

Adam enjoys the game Apples to Apples just as much as he enjoys game nights at home.  I really do need to pick up the junior version though.  Thank goodness he is not a very inquisitive kid and Noelle was so distracted with her snack that she didn't listen much to what was being read.  We had coke, and not the drink kind, come up tonight and Adam read the bottom of the card and just moved on.  Thank goodness!  I had several cards in my hand that I just wasn't willing to play out of fear of having to explain things I'm not comfortable with explaining yet.  I'm a wimp and I know it.  But they only get one childhood and once chance at innocence, why rush it??

Even though Noelle has her own hand of cards Justin helped her with what they say.  She chooses her card all on her own though.

Decisions, decisions.

I thought this was a particularly good set.

 Cut & Dried.  Way to play up what the card says sweetie!

Noelle had the green card this round and this was her final pick.  LOL!

I've been trying out s'mores crescents to get the flavor just right for Noelle's party next weekend.  These have mini marshmallows and semi sweet chocolate chips inside,  Very yummy and very sweet.

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