Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Cub Scout Pack Meeting

Adam had his monthly pack meeting last night.  He earned 3 belt loops, 3 pins, and an arrow point this month!

Chess, Video Games, and Skateboarding 

Since Uncle Derrick helped Adam earn the Skateboarding belt loop and pin we invited him to the meeting.
Thanks Uncle Derrick!!

The Pinewood Derby is coming up in a couple weeks.  Adam built a mouse car and is very excited for the race!  Noelle also build a car to race and is excited to get to participate.  Lily and I will be sitting on the sidelines watching the fun.  

Also, just a couple weeks after the Pinewood Derby will be the Blue and Gold.  This year the boys will be making a camping/cowboy camp scene from LEGO bricks inside a shoe box.  I'm excited to see what they all come up with.  Oh, they are getting to go to Skate City for the Blue and Gold.  Adam and Noelle have never been on skates, of any sort, before.  Justin is awful on skates and I haven't been on anything since long before Adam was born.  Should be interesting.  LOL!!

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