Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Graphic Novel

My latest From Left to Write online book club title was Barbara Slate's Getting Married and Other Mistakes.  This was my very first graphic novel.  Well, I guess I read a lot of the Archie and Betty & Veronica comics growing up.  Back then they were called comic books though, now they seem to be called "graphic novels".  My 8 year old son really enjoys reading graphic novels and I love that they keep him interested and are quick reads.  (Sometimes he needs a break after a really long book.)  At the same time I have to make sure he doesn't ONLY read graphic novels.

He just finished second grade and reads at a strong fourth grade level.  His school required all second graders to log 100 minutes of reading per week.  My feeling was that the minutes needed to be appropriate to his reading level, not easy reading.  In other words, he needed to be being challenged.  When we check out books from the library on Fridays I always stress to him that he needs to pick chapter books too, so he is hopefully challenged a little.  He is usually really good at coming back with 3 chapter books and 3 graphic novels.  This last week he actually found a graphic novel version of The Wizard of Oz!  I was kind of excited since I don't think he would have chosen to read a chapter book version of the story.

If reading graphic novels interspersed with his chapter books keeps him happy and broadens what he might otherwise choose to read them I am all for it!

This post is inspired by Getting Married and Other Mistakes by Barbara Slate. This graphic novel offers a raw, yet humorous look at what happens to Jo after a surprise divorce. Join From Left to Write on Thursday, June 28 as we discuss Getting Married and Other Mistakes by Barbara Slate. I received a review copy of the book and all opinions are my own.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Lily has been working on sitting for some time now.


Oops, too far.

Oh yeah, she's working it.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Noelle's last day of daycare and her Field Day

Even though it was her last day at Belles and Beaus Academy she only showed up for Field Day and then we had to leave due to her eye appointment.

Her best buddy, Liam.  They vowed to marry each other.

Her teacher, Miss Chelsea.  (Mr. Tony had left the center several months earlier.)

 Miss Leah.  This is who she had spent the first hour of her school day with for a full year.  I really liked her and would have been happy to have her be Noelle's teacher.

The 4's pod getting ready for Field Day.

This boy can hula like you wouldn't believe!

Noelle...not so much.

Noelle jumped as far as Adam did.  LOL!!

We had our share of issues while Noelle attended Belles and Beaus but we will miss it and we were very grateful for all her loving teachers!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

We spent Father's Day at the Colorado Renaissance Festival this year.  A HUGE and special thanks to my Dad for the generous gift that allowed us to go!!

Sporting piggies and a tutu for the special outing!  She really liked the tulle.

We took the stroller/car seat in so that she could nap and we would have a place to put everything a baby requires, but when she was awake we carried her.

Nothing like a pickle!  
Despite their faces they actually really enjoyed them and even shared with Justin and I.

I LOVE this dress.  I told Justin if I had it or one very similar I would actually dress up.

Adam really liked this.  I wanted to get the kids one, but at $35 for the plastic one and $25 for a straight paper one it was too much.  I would like to find something online that I can just print out.  It was very calming and relaxing for him.

Helping Noelle do it left-handed.

 Nursing in the hot sun around TONS of people.  She did amazingly well with it.

Why do we as parents find it so hilarious to shove something weird in a baby's mouth...

and laugh hysterically at the weird faces they make afterward.  LOL!

Watching a Celtic band perform.  They were very good.

They kids spent a good 15 plus minutes playing this.  It was pretty neat.

We had such a fun time and can't wait to go back next year!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Justin's Got Balls

What did you think I meant?!

Coach Larry has a tradition of having the players give their Dads a ball before the game closest to Father's Day every year.  (He's awesome like that!)

Justin was also able to attend Desserts With Dad at Noelle's daycare.

Sisterly Love

I expected Noelle to have a hard time with us having another child.  She has always been VERY needy and required a lot of attention.  It's the main reason we waited so long to add to our family.  I was, and continue to be, very surprised that she has shown no jealousy toward Lily.  She loves her so much and is always willing to help out.