Friday, January 6, 2012


My brave boy at the lab for a blood draw.

Adam had to go to the Pediatrician for a weight check today.  We've been dealing with his un-hearty appetite since nearly day one and it never gets less frustrating.  He has stayed on the same growth curve for height (50%) and weight (25%) and his BMI is fine.  But I look at my little boy and his body just doesn't look healthy.  But it is...and he is.  Is it so wrong to want him to be more sturdy looking instead of anorexic like?  

There really isn't anything more we can do to get weight on him.  He is already on a high protein diet and eats healthier than anyone else I know.  He drinks whole milk at 3 meals a day and drinks a Pediasure with his snack every night right before bed.  He knows he is required to have a carb, protein, fruit or veggie , and milk at each meal and is very good at following it. (He makes his own breakfast and lunch on all school days.  Just breakfast on non school days.)  When he was a year old they tried to get me to add fats to his diet by adding in butter to all his food.  I refused to do it.  It's not a lifelong habit I want him to have nor a taste I want him to develop.

Our Pediatrician is great and went through our options with me.  So even though I don't think there will be any problems with the labs I decided to do it as a precaution.  It's just the normal stuff to check for anemia and such, plus celiac disease.  I really don't think he will show with celiac, he is too healthy and doesn't present with any of the symptoms.  But it's always good to check, especially since food sensitivities are common in our house.  He was very brave and climbed right up in the chair.  I did offer to stand by him and rub his back and was happy he took me up on it.  He has never been a needle kid.  I can respect that since I STILL can't watch a blood draw and STILL hold back tears when I get shots.  The tech was great at distracting him by asking questions and she was very quick.  Fortunately he was blessed with my good veins.  When she was done she quickly moved the needle and blood out of his sight.  I'm very thankful she was so good with him and made the experience as pleasant as it could be.

Great job buddy, Mommy is very proud of how brave you were!

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  1. He's a skinny pup, that's true! I have never seen a child so excited to have his blood drawn. Maybe he could talk it over with Ethan, who is a BIG wuss! :)


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