Sunday, January 8, 2012

Busy Sunday

We were fairly busy today, that is after I finally got out of bed about 9:30am.  LOL!  We started the day with groceries and got a special treat of donuts and raspberries for our afternoon snack.

This was Noelle's idea.

While Justin and the kids were busy working on Pinewood Derby cars (more on that in another post) I kept busy working on these shirts for Lily.  I really wanted something pretty for her to wear in the hospital instead of just plain white.  I am VERY excited to see her in them.  Justin's favorite is the long sleeved onesie with the blue circle & butterfly.  I had a lot of fun making them, even though I broke a needle hitting a snap on the last one I made tonight.  Oops!

Shadow didn't exactly do a lot today, but I think he is hinting that it's time for lights out already.  LOL!!

Oh, and there's this.  35 1/2 weeks.  I'm done and over it now.  She can come TONIGHT and it would be okay with me.  I'm ready to bend again, literally.  And be a normal temperature.  I have been so hot that it is ridiculous.  Justin is always freezing and I am sweating.  Come on, it's January and look how I was dressed!

We even got the infant car seat today and I got it installed in the van.  We are borrowing it from a friend since we decided not to buy one.  We never used the car seat outside of the actual car with Noelle, she was always in the sling or other carrier.  So we just went ahead and bought a really nice rear facing convertible this time around.  Why waste money?  Well it turns out the hospital I am delivering at will not let you take the baby out of the hospital unless she is buckled properly into a car seat in front of the nurses in the room.  Pretty silly if you ask me, but I'm thankful our friends hadn't gotten rid of their seat yet.  Saved us the money of buying one after all.

I also got the baby's nook in our bedroom cleared out and organized today.  Now we can actually get to the crib easily.  YEAH!!  I think everything is as ready as it can get for her arrival now.  My understanding is that they will not let me go past 39 weeks, Feb. 2, because of the GD.  I need to actually confirm that with the OB this next Friday though.  My last day at work, and Noelle's last day at daycare, is January 26th.  That happens to be Noelle's 5th birthday.  It's going to be a day filled with celebration in our house!!  (Although I have to admit that I don't actually want to still be pregnant come that day.  I would much prefer to be holding Lily in my arms already by then.)

This week is going to be pretty busy at our house so I'm guessing I'm only going to be getting the 366 pics up and nothing else, but who knows.  Monday is a late day for me and a Cub Scouts Den meeting for Adam and Justin.  I also work late Wednesday.  The weather is supposed to be nice again so I'm hoping to get Little Man out for a walk every day.  I thinking that by the time Friday rolls around I am going to be ready for the day off, aside from my normal OB appointment, of course.  But did schedule it for 9am instead of 10 or later like I normally do.  


  1. I love your Onesis! They are so cute! How in the world do you make those?? I may "buy some" from you someday for a gift! They are so cute!

    Sounds like you had an eventful/fun and relaxing sunday!!!

  2. Cute Onesis love the rick rack and the others too. Very Cute.


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