Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Penguin Party

Last Saturday we piled about 30 of our friends and family into our tiny house to celebrate Noelle's 5th birthday.  Wow, what a turn out!!  Thank you to everyone that came and showered her with love, and presents!!  (And seriously, can I get a summer baby next time?)

When I asked her what character she liked right now she told me Penguins.  In hindsight I should have known this, she has been stuck on them since at least March of last year.  When I ask what she wants to see at the Zoo she ALWAYS says the penguins.  It seemed like a perfect theme, especially since I knew I could get decorations on clearance from Christmas time!  Woo-hoo!  I'm always up for saving a little money.  Anyway, I went with a Penguin, s'mores, and hot chocolate theme.  

Penguin cake!!  We barely had enough and actually I think, aside from J and I, there was one person who didn't get a piece.  Sorry!!  (Note to self, if there are going to be 30 plus people at a party you will need more than 1 box of cake mix.)  As always Justin did a great job decorating her cake!

 Penguin decor and s'mores favors!

I got the s'mores favor bag idea from Pinterest (love that site!!) and spent about half my scrap booking night Saturday making the tags.

My kids always make out like bandits in the present department.  She got some great clothes, a couple games, some books, and some art supplies!  Thanks everyone!

Aside from the 2 and under crowd (which added 3 more kiddos) I think this shows all the kids at her party.  I'm thinking next year it will be time to start doing separate parties like Adam does.  One for her friends/kids and then the family/adult party.  I know she would have loved to have a couple friends from school, but there just wouldn't have been room!!

Happy Birthday!

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