Saturday, January 28, 2012

Noelle's Birthday Day

We had a very low key celebration on Noelle's birthday, even though it was a big day in our house.  Not only was it her 5th Birthday, but it was also my last day of work before maternity leave and her last day of daycare until I go back to work.

I made some dairy free cookies for her class at school.  She is one of I think three kids in her class of 12 that is allergic to dairy.  There is also one egg allergy, but I can't get around that one with cookies.  I had a few S'mores favors left over from her party so I made a few more to equal 12 and we took those to give to her classmates as well.

I'll admit that we had NO CLUE what to give her.  Then Justin thought about giving her a Nerf shield and dagger.  Perfect!  They are always fighting over Adam's Nerf stuff.

She was VERY excited!  Noelle, Adam, and Justin had a HUGE Nerf family war.  I sat on the couch and took pictures and video, LOL!

She chose chicken nuggets, fries, and edamame for her dinner.  The we had cupcakes!

Justin decorated a few of them into cute penguins!

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Friday night she got the last of her birthday gifts in the mail from NJ.  She got 3 very cute, and much needed, outfits, some Dr. Seuss reading flash cards, and the book One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.  
Thanks Mama M and Papa Greg!!

This shirt has zebra print pants that go with it.  (She had a zebra print outfit from her birthday last year too.)  She officially has a zoo outfit again.  Awesome!!

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