Friday, July 23, 2010

Hammond's Candies Tour

Wednesday we did the Hammond's Candies tour.  It was much shorter than I thought it would be, but it was neat to see.  Cathie joined us along with her 3 kids and 1 daycare kiddo.  Her older 2 are the same ages as mine so they get along great when we see them!

First we watched a short video about the company and how they made the candies and chocolate.  They were so cute in their Hammond's hats!

Adam, Riley, Noelle, Kiera and that's baby Reid in the Snugli.

Next they took us to see how the hard candies are made.  We were able to watch most of the steps in the process, such as pouring the hot mixture onto a cooling table, mixing in scent and color, putting it on the machine to pull and aerate it.  I thought it was neat to watch it change colors to get lighter when on the puller machine.  Even though it seems like common sense I also learned that the white candy does not get anything added to it but becomes white all on its own when getting pulled.  We also saw a man cutting candy canes and a woman putting the curve in them, all by hand.  She was really good at it and the curve was perfect every time!!

Noelle, Adam, and Riley.  Not sure what's up with the hands at mouths, but they were pretty enthralled by what they were watching.

Next we went to the packaging area.  Everything is done by hand, including wrapping the candies and labeling them.  I'm not sure I would want the job of candy cane stuffer for 8 hours a day.  LOL 

After the tour everyone was allowed to choose a piece of candy from a big bowl.  I had figured we would get a small piece of broken candy.  NO!!  The candy was broken for the most part but was mostly full size candy canes!!  You can see how big they are in the kid's hands below.  Adam, being his odd self, chose a small ball of candy maybe the size of a peppermint.

When we came out of the building there was a rather big toad just sitting there on the railing/wall to go down to the parking lot.  The kids loved it and I am still amazed to have seen him in full sun at 11am, nowhere near water or grass.

Cole, Noelle, and Griff

After the tour we headed across town to a nice park with a gazebo and had lunch and let the kids play for a couple hours.  We stopped for a potty break before heading home and I allowed the kids to each get a Slurpee of their own.  It was the only money I spent for the whole outing!  We had a fun day and I am so happy I finally got to do the tour!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dolls and Waterfalls

The kids, all 4 of them, have really been bugging me this week.  To get out of the house on Monday we went to the bank, the gas station for a Dr. Pepper, then to the park for a little bit.  Tuesday I decided to head over to the local mall so we could check out the American Girl store.  I've been wanting to take Noelle since it opened months ago.  It was really neat to walk around and see all the different dolls set up in dioramas that coincided with the era the girl is from.  She seemed really overwhelmed at first.  She was more interested in the "extras" than the actual dolls.  The last spot we went to was the room with the Bitty Twins and Bitty Babies.  Her little eyes lit up right away!  It was so sweet!

When we were done looking around the store we walked around outside for a little while.  It was so nice out!!  The kids all liked the waterfalls!

I keep telling him that he has got to STOP making these signs, but he just doesn't get it!  He always looks like he is flashing gang signs in pictures.

Aud, Noelle, Adam, and Lex looking at the waterfall in the following picture.

So pretty!

Aud, Adam, and Noelle

Adam and Noelle thought this dog statue was awesome and asked me to take their picture with it.

Adam has been going to work with me this summer, nearly 5 weeks now.  One of the things I ask off him is that he read to Aud most days.  Before rest time on Tuesday they cuddled up to read a book together.  She is going to miss her buddy when he goes back to school this coming Tuesday.  Good thing it's only for 9 weeks and then she will have him back for 3 more weeks!

The BIG Trike

All the kids in the neighborhood LOVE the big sized tricycle.  Noelle can just barely ride it.

Noelle and Maddy Jo

Adam and Heidi

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Adam's Team Picnic and Awards

First off - Adam won his game ball Wednesday!!!  He played a really great game! 
These balls are very special since they are 2010 REDS Spring Training balls.

Adam's team played the Red Sox again today, this was who they played Wednesday.  The Red Sox coach said we are the 2 best teams he has played this year and he could not believe the way our team's friends and family show up to support the kids.  Both of which were great compliments!

Grandpa Ron, Grandma Sheri, Heidi, Brent, Riley, Keelie, and Danny all showed up to cheer Adam on today!!

Riley and Keelie even made a sign for him!!
(I overheard the Red Sox coach mention about this sign as well!)

Getting ready for the game.


Adam received the Scott Rolen Award, a ball signed by Mike Leake (the REDS Pitcher), baseball cards, and will get on Monday a ball signed by every team mate and coach.

Thank you to Coach Eric, Coach Mike, Coach Steve, and Coach Larry for an amazing season!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A child's mind...

...never forgets!!  Even though I slept til 9am this morning (I was really tired) Noelle waited to eat breakfast because I had told her last night that we could make muffins.  And sure enough, we did!

She chose blueberry over lemon-poppy seed, which was very surprising.

Since she is currently off dairy we made them with Very Vanilla Soy Milk.  I couldn't taste a difference, but they didn't hold together as well as normal.  That could have been because I got distracted and left them in too long though.  The kids didn't mind at all.

I always use my stand mixer now and Noelle loves to watch it go round and tell me when it is mixed well.  She also poured everything in and put the papers in the muffin tin.  She is a great kitchen helper!!  She also helps me grind my coffee on the mornings we are at home.  She will hold the button down with just 1 finger and then tell me her finger hurts afterward.  LOL  She will proceed to watch the pot until it has filled up and then let me know it's ready.

7/5/10 T-ball game

Greg and Michele were able to attend one of Adam's t-ball games Monday night.  He played a great game!

He was catching most of the balls while playing catcher. 

He also had a great live hit and ended up making it all the way home!


Noelle has done fairly well at this year's games.  She usually eats non stop and that keeps her occupied and well behaved.

7/5/10 Octopi

Michele found a great craft to do with the kids using yarn on her last day in town.  Octopi and a doll.  Adam was able to help braid the legs on his Octopus.  I'm not sure Noelle did any actual helping but she became very attached to the yarn doll the next day after she face planted on the way into the library.

"Helping" Papa with her Octopus.

7/4/10 Dressing Up

Noelle ended her 4th of July with a little dressing up.  It was an easy way for her to calm down and get ready to go to bed, even though everybody else was still outside.

7/4/10 Picadilly 4th of July

This is our second year participating in the July 4th party with our neighboors (term used very loosly).  Everyone gets together at the McMillen's house and there is tons of food, drink, and firecrackers!!  We were very excited to have Greg and Michele with us this year too!

It rained off and on all night, but that didn't stop everyone from having fun!!

Kairi and Noelle, Michael, Robert , and Greg in the background.

Riley lighting a smoke bomb

Kenny is playing a game of Polish Horseshoes in the background while the kids light firecrackers. 
Great game...if you want to get drunk!

Kairi, Keely, Adam, Riley, Noelle, Rylyn, and Maddy JoJo

Sassy girl!

Adam, Keely, Kairi, and Maddy Jo watching fireworks.

Heidi and Adam

Sparkler circle, the big kids are Codi and Sarah

Apparently his abilities, he's half Wolverine you know, allow him to go invisible!

Kairi throwing poppers!

Already counting down to next year!!

7/4/10 Go Rockies

On Sunday we went to the Rockies game to do the parade Adam did not get to due June 13th due to the icky weather.  The Rockies had offered the league, CYBSA, $1 tickets to the July 4th game and rescheduled the parade for that day.  We grabbed up 6 tickets and took Greg and Michele with us.  We had lots of fun and the kids did a great job!  We decided to leave at the 7th inning stretch in order to leave before the kids got antsy.  I'm so glad we did, the game went for 15 innings and I guess it started pouring in the 14th!  We won though!!

Adam's team on the track - Adam is the only child in a red shirt with jeans on.

They have a great kid's playground that allowed Noelle to get some energy out before we went to our seats.

Mama M, Noelle, and J waiting for the parade.
Our seats were perfect!! At about 3rd base, upper level and complete shade!! 
Yeah for no sunscreen!!

She had a couple bites of cotton candy but, as we already knew, she was not a fan.

Now Kettle Corn is a whole different story!! 
The kids, Greg, Michele, and I finished the whole bag.

Greg and Michele

Watching Dinger throw shirts into the stands, we were sadly too high up to get any.
(BTW, have you noticed Noelle's new hairdo.  It's nice and short!)

(No words necessary)