Friday, March 27, 2009


The snow seems to be done down our way and the sun is shining bright! We really didn't get all that much compared to the rest of the metro area. I would say we got about 7 inches, maybe. Here are some pics from this morning. Even though we live in an apartment, at 9am they still hadn't done any shoveling so J went out to make a path to the cars and clean them off. Adam has a little shovel so he went out to help. Us girls waited inside, where it is nice and warm, for the phone to ring with the final closing cost amount.

Noelle was enchanted by this bunny outside the window yesterday morning. She watched it for the longest time. It was eating the snowy grass and every time it moved a little you could see where it had been because the snow would be melted in that spot.

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  1. Aww, sweet bunny.

    That's great that Adam is helping to shovel. I love that my boys are old enough to do it on their own now so I don't have to!


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