Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Photo - At The Zoo

We go to the Zoo very regularly, but this trip in February was the first time either of them got to play in the wagon. They thought it was great fun! It is always either too hot out or too many people for them to stop and play on statues and such.
Side notes:
Noelle's newest thing she says to us is, "I'm not in the mood." She says it so matter of fact, not mean. She had a great time getting to stay at Grandpa Ron and Grandma Sheri's house for two nights this week. But boy was she a tired girl when she got back! She did get a good scrape and some bruising on her face from Jedi (the dog). Something set him off and he tried to get her face. Fortunately she is just fine and was not at all scared of him afterwards. Although I am told she kept saying, "Doggie attacked me." and "Bad doggie." for the rest of her time there. LOL
Adam is doing wonderfully!! He is eating great, lots of Popsicles and smoothies still, and drinking plenty. I am still giving him the Codeine round the clock, but am starting to cut back the dosage to wean him off it after a few more days. I just don't want the poor little guy in any unnecessary pain. The oddest thing about the whole ordeal is his voice. He just doesn't sound like my little boy anymore! He actually sounds more babyish right now, I'll have to wait till he is fully healed after a few weeks to know what he is really going to sound like I guess. I am also anxious to see if his speech improves, I actually already think I hear a difference. But considering all the therapy he gets it could just be that since I am paying special attention to him I am hearing his improvements more than normal. Time will tell!
The appraisal is done for the house and we expect to hear back from the underwriters by the end of next week. Our closing date is still set for March 27th. We have a little bit of flexibility there since we don't have to be out of here until April 2nd, but I don't want to move during the week AND I want to use that time to get the apartment cleaned up so we get our deposit back.

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