Monday, March 23, 2009

Spaghetti head

Even though Noelle was put down for a nap on Sunday she did NOT actually go to sleep. Here was the final outcome at dinner time:

I had just said to Justin the day before how if I had to cut out her naps to get her to sleep at night I would go crazy. Of course the next night when I walk away to put the leftovers away I suddenly thought it was way too quiet. (Noelle does everything loudly, even eat.) I wasn't all that surprised that she was asleep. LOL She was pretty out and slept through me cleaning her halfway up before she woke and got VERY mad that I was pulling her away from the table. She was adamant that she had not been asleep and was still eating. So much for my plan of putting her in bed for the night and having a nice relaxing evening.

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  1. Knocked the f- out!!! Mommy, she's only taking a power nap so that she can finish the 2nd half! cute photos


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