Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Adam's surgery and new house update

Tomorrow, Wednesday, is the big day!! Adam will have his tonsils and adenoids partially removed.

We have big hopes for the surgery:
-stop his sleep apnea, if he is in fact having it like we think he is
-lessen or stop his snoring
-help with his speech articulation

My biggest concern all along has been the sleep apnea. I was just concerned about behavioral and concentration issues when he starts school next year. Then the Pediatrician told me all the other problems sleep apnea causes within the body and my concerns were nothing comparatively. The ENT Dr. who is doing the surgery also believes that it will help his speech problems a ton. He did a very interesting test on Adam the day we went in. He had Adam speak like he normally would, then he plugged Adam's nose and had him speak again. There was No difference in the nasal tone!! That was really interesting to me, I had never seen it before. He even thinks Adam's mouth issues from the time he was a baby could have all stemmed from the enlarged tonsils and adenoids (we have no clue how long they have been enlarged or when it started). My only real concern with the surgery is that Adam will lose weight afterwards since he will not want to eat. He is only 35 pounds (at nearly 5 years) to start with so he doesn't have anything to spare! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow and wish Adam a speedy recovery.

On the house hunt front (thats sounds pretty silly, oh well!) we are officialy under contract! The inspection is done and there were no big issues and the couple we did have they agreed to fix. They were pretty minor, just replacing some panes of glass and having the furnace cleaned and certified (they told us this had been done, and it was very clear it hadn't). I think the appraisal is getting done early this week and I am getting one last set of papers for the mortgage broker. We have a closing date set for March 27th! I still have a lot of stuff to get done, but since today is my last day of work until March 23rd I will have some extra time to hopefully get everything moving wise in order. I know I just moved last May, but I'm still lost on what I need to do and how to do it!!

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