Monday, March 16, 2009

Adam Update

Adam was doing a little better today. I took him off the codeine and just gave him a strong dose of regular Tylenol during the day. It was so nice to see him act more like himself. He was so drugged up that he just wasn't at all like my Adam, instead he was drowsy and just very blah (not to count that he was still having the same amount of pain). He was up and playing, eating and drinking better, and generally more alert. I am going to continue giving him the codeine at night for now though. He may even be able to go to school the rest of the week! YEAH! That pretty much just means that I can get a little more done in the mornings.

He is a little video of him talking tonight. He voice is still very different than before the surgery.


  1. What a cute video. Glad to see he's doing better. I can detect a little bit of raspy in his voice but the smile on his face speaks worlds! Drugs do weird things to you, makes you not who you really are!!! I can tell you I lost myself in my pain meds for 2 weeks......don't like that feeling but they were necessary to a point. Keep us posted

  2. wow he sounds WAY different...pretty amazing, I'm glad he's feeling better.


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