Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Update on Adam

Adam is home and doing great. He was out of surgery by about 9:45am and we got to come home about 11:30am. He is handling it very well, you would never know he had surgery today. He has been watching movies and resting on the couch all afternoon. We haven't had too much trouble so far getting him to drink and eat a little. He got a Popsicle at the hospital, then at home he has had water, apple juice, a few bites applesauce, and a strawberry banana smoothie.

The nurses at the hospital were so great with him! I told Adam that he would have to give me Blue Dragon and Knighty (the pug dog in the picture) when they took him back. The pre-op nurse overheard me and came over and told us he could take them both back with him, she even tied two blue caps smaller so each animal could wear one. She was so great! Justin went back as they put him under and he said Adam was still holding them when he left the room. J also said the gas made him very giggly but then he fought the actual going under a little. Overall he did an awesome job and it looks like he should have a quick recovery and be back to school on Monday. Noelle is staying at Grandma and Grandpa's house again tonight so we can give Adam another day of personal attention tomorrow. Since we will have to wake up with Adam at least twice tonight (to give him medicine), plus he will be sleeping in our room, it will be nice not to have to get up early with Noelle in the morning.


  1. that's great! I'm so happy things went well and he's not in too much pain. That was also a cute story about the animals. Keep us posted

  2. Yay! Kids are amazing, aren't they? I hope his recovery continues to go smoothly and that this surgery will help him a lot.


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