Friday, March 20, 2009

Denver Botanic Gardens

My sister and I took the kids to the gardens today. It wasn't prime viewing time, but the weather was actually great for it. After having been couped up in the house since Adam's surgery I thought we really needed to get outside to run around. We had a nice time walking around and just spending time together. I think Noelle gave Stef plenty of near heart-attacks when she was close to the water, but she never did fall in. We sat and had a snack on the hill and the kids, and Stef, had a great time running up and down the hill and playing ring-around-the-roses together. Eventually it started sprinkling rain so we headed inside and walked through the conservatory. I had never been in it and thought it was really neat to see the different tropical fruit trees, along with cocoa and coffee plants. Too bad they didn't smell as well! We plan on going back in about a month so we can see everything in bloom, but not have to melt in the heat of summer.

"Feeding" the fish.
Noelle, Adam and Stef

I love their shadows in the water in this one.

Noelle and her Auntie Stef!

Happy Spring!!

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