Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lazy Sunday

We are having a very lazy day today. J is at work again so it's just me and the kids. Adam is not feeling all that great. Friday night he started complaining that the base of his skull hurt. I had taken his meds down but went ahead and upped them to what he was originally at. It seemed to still get worse through Saturday night so we went ahead and called the doctor on call. He said it all sounded normal. I guess on days 3-5 and 7-10 the pain worsens. He said it would be okay to take him up another ml of Tylenol w/ codeine for now so we did. He is still complaining though. Poor little guy. I can also see the effects of the codeine on this higher dosage. He isn't as steady on his feet, doesn't want to eat or drink anymore, and when he is talking he repeats words several times in a row. Also it occurred to me on Saturday that he is going to have to miss more school than I had hoped. I don't think the teachers would let me send him back until he is off the codeine, which could mean missing this whole week in order to get past the 10 day mark. The worst part for me is that I have a ton of packing and phone calls to get done while I am off all this week. I don't go back to work till the 23rd, and then we close on the 27th. Not a lot of time that week to start and stop services and pack. I had really been looking forward to being able to get lots done while Adam was in school in the mornings (since without him here Noelle can't torture him all the time!). Oh, a big plus in those whole thing is Adam has yet to suck his fingers since the surgery Wednesday morning. We are assuming it hurts when he does. He is doing great with it though.

The kids kept fighting, so for now Adam is watching Narnia in my room and Noelle is watching Dora in the living room, as well as playing games on the laptop. I bought Prince Caspian today so I thought Adam would enjoy watching the first one before we watch Prince Caspian tonight.

You can tell how Adam is feeling by this pic, look at his eyes.

Here's how Noelle relaxes. She was also doing all kinds of yoga style moves. It was pretty funny.

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  1. Oh, poor Adam! I hope he's feeling better and you were able to get your packing done.


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