Friday, September 30, 2011

Random Tidbits 2

(Mostly just "Random Rants" this week.)

1.  Note:  Noelle is not allowed ANY dairy.

This is what this weeks lunch menu for the daycare she attends looked like:
She attends Monday through Thursday every week.  (We feed her breakfast at home every day.  Especially since you have to pay extra for breakfast at the daycare.)  You will notice that the lunch each day she was there this week included dairy (aside from milk, they give her soy regardless).  Here is what she was actually given for her lunches:
It really irks me that the cook can not plan lunches at least 2-3 days of the week that the non-dairy kids can eat.  I HATE that she is given a different lunch than most kids almost every day.  Also, she isn't always given the equivalent of what the rest of the school is.  If the menu says a fruit AND veggie, she should still be given BOTH!  The lack of protein she receives at school also bugs me, but that is one I have to just give on.  And for the record Noelle had bread with jelly for breakfast, lunch, AND afternoon snack on Thursday.  Poor kid, it's no wonder she is starving every afternoon when I pick her up.  Two more things, who really wants to each a plain piece of bread with a slice of ham on it (DRY!!!) and why does the cook feel the need to butter the carrots when she makes them (is she trying to make the kids fat!).  UGH!!

2.  I am starting to bake more foods by scratch at home again.  I had no desire to spend time in the kitchen the last 4 months.  Thank goodness I'm over that.  When I don't have to use a box mix it is a lot easier for me to make sure there is no dairy in it.  My little Remy (Noelle) and I made Blueberry muffins this morning.  We substituted the oil for cinn. applesauce and used dried blueberries, since that is what we always have on hand.  They are a little dense and did not come out of the muffin papers well.  I would LOVE to know what causes them to not come out of papers well if anyone has a clue!  They are plenty edible and the kids are enjoying them!  A few pictures:


3.  Here's what my water bill looks like every month:

  • Water                   $11.60
  • Admin Fee            $5.00
  • N Project Fund     $25.00
  • Sewer                   $29.25
How is it that I only BUY  $11.60 in water but we more than DOUBLE what goes to the sewer?????  And what about the $30 in other stuff we pay.  The total bill has actually been exactly the sane the last 3 months.  That seems a little iffy to me.

4.  I received an interesting bill in the mail Tuesday from the Pediatricians office for my daughter.  BOTH my children had gotten the Flu Mist last Tuesday, one week prior to this bill arriving.  They wanted $40 for the Flu Mist vaccine.  It also listed a co-payment that was made in January of this year.  Obviously I knew something was wrong since it takes a good month normally to get this kind of bill AND it was only for one child who IS covered under health insurance.  I called them up and she told me to throw it away.  She was super nice and said it appeared they had never even billed the insurance but that she would get it taken care of.  YEAH for people who are friendly and personable in customer service!!

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