Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tell me that didn't just happen

Tuesday evening was one one those times you just want to pretend didn't happen.  I thought it was going to be simple and quick.  In and out, no tears, get on with our night kind of deals.  Boy was I wrong!!  I really underestimated what my daughter is capable of.

The kids needed their flu vaccines and we have done the mist the last couple years since my 7yo son is AWFUL with shots.  He gets it from me and I don't blame him.  I remember a couple years ago we had to put him on the table against his wishes and then he literally limped out of the office afterwards.  Seriously, a minute later!!  So last night I actually had him go first so Noelle could see that it was no big deal and just like using a nasal spray.  Didn't work!  First I had to pick up her 40 lb body and put her on the exam table.  (Remember I'm nearly 20 weeks pregnant and not used to lifting more than about 15 lbs.  Then I had to headlock her for the nurse to take an ear temp.  Next I had to lay her back in a headlock AND arm lock her while the nurse grabbed a hold of her chin and tried with all her might to get the syringe in her nostrils.  UGH!!  It was bad.  There was no reasoning with her, not that there ever is.  Next time the kid is getting the shot.  At least that will give her something to cry and fuss about!!

Unfortunately it didn't get any better when the deed was done.  She was extremely rude to the nurse when offered a sticker.  When we got to the car she refused to even get IN her booster seat.  So next I had to manhandle her into the 5-point car seat that just happened to be in my car from Saturday when I had transported a 1 year old.  And that's where she has to ride for the rest of the week.  I don't play around when it comes to car seats.

We stopped by the book store on the way home and she actually did well.  But the minute we got home she was uncooperative again.  With my husband at the elementary school to learn about the math program they use I was on my own to shower Noelle.  Not an easy task when my ability to bend and twist is as if I were 40 weeks pregnant already!  It was a disaster that I hope not to have to repeat soon.  Thank goodness J is usually home to take over shower duty twice a week!!

Noelle ended up in bed as soon as her teeth and hair were brushed.  It took me all of 5 minutes to plop my self in my rocking chair for the rest of the night.  Hoping for a much easier night tonight!

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