Sunday, September 18, 2011

Well that was interesting!

Friday was the big ultrasound I had been anxiously waiting for.  We were able to learn that we will be having a little girl!  I’m a little nervous about another girl, but I keep reminding myself that this is a new child and NOT NOELLE!!  It is made worse by the fact that this baby has the exact same due date Noelle did, February 9th.  Part of me hopes this baby is just a day or two late so I have at least a couple weeks between the birthdays.  But since Noelle was 2 weeks early and Adam was 4 days early, I’m not getting my hopes up.

This is how we made the big announcement to our friends and family via e-mail and facebook.

My husband's artwork!  Drawn to scale and maybe too accurate with the elbow in the belly button.  (He always did like drawing on people, lol!)

Okay, so everyone wants to know why the ultrasound was so interesting.  (No we are NOT having twins, although I would love that.)  PAIN!  The ultrasound was incredibly painful for me.  I spent the entire half hour cringing and even called out a few times.  The tech was so intent on her screen that she never even noticed my cringes, but she did pay attention each time I yelled “Ouch!!”  To her benefit she was using a new machine/program and she was concentrating on glitches and talking a little to the lady observing and noting those glitches.  This baby tends to be very low and to my right side, so every time the tech was anywhere to the right of my belly button it hurt really badly.  The tech said that was very abnormal and I have never experienced it in the past.  It is very interesting to me though that this is the same area that was painful and originally sent me to the ER Labor Day weekend.  Which is by the way when and how we learned I was pregnant (after 15 long months of trying!)  I actually continued to have some pain on that side for the rest of Friday night, weird.  I’ll ask the Doctor about it when I go in in another 4 weeks.

The other part of the ultrasound that was interesting is the tech picked up a low HB of only 89 when she originally checked it during the ultrasound.  She went back to it later and was able to pick up the normal 159 HB.  She also had a lot of trouble getting some of the pics and measurements of the heart she needed due to baby girls positioning.  She was laying face out and wouldn’t shift to a different position.  The tech tried and tried but finally had to give up.  She believes the low HB was due to baby moving positions, especially since it went back to normal.  The doctor gave us the option of repeating the ultrasound with them in 2-4 weeks or going to have a fetal echo done at Children’s Hospital in that same time period.  We opted for the fetal echo.  I figure it is their job (at Children’s) to get it right and it’s better to just know ASAP if there is a problem that needs to be discussed and taken care of as soon as baby is born.  The heart looked perfect anatomy wise; I could actually pick out the 4 chambers and see the “hole” that closes at or soon after birth.  We really are not concerned, but better safe than sorry!

Our little girl!

All in all the ultrasound was great and the tech was AMAZING at explaining everything she was seeing/looking at to us.  She even engaged the kids throughout.  And absolutely no doubt about the gender!  I think Adam learned as much in that half hour as he would have at a full day of school and I’m so happy he could be there for it.


  1. What a special day to share with each other! Well worth playing hooky, in my opinion. I like the way you announced that baby is a girl -- so glad I didn't go to bed before the announcement!! :) Maybe with our girls we'll eventually start to catch up with the boys in our family!

  2. Remember that every child is different, I am so happy that you are having another girl but either way you can't go wrong. Congrats and thank you for sharing your special experiences!

  3. She already looks like a beautiful little girl...I'm so excited to have another niece!


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