Saturday, September 10, 2011

Family Nights

Justin and Adam decided on a movie night tonight and picked up Eragon and The Seeker while they were at the store.  They also got some fun snacks and dinner foods.  We ended up with 7-up, a variety of popcorn, spinach artichoke purses, mini crab cakes, mini corn dogs, mozzarella sticks, and dippin' dot style ice cream.  The movies were good even though Noelle was a little scared by The Seeker.  It was a nice treat and a VERY relaxing evening were I had a good excuse to keep my feet up all night.  LOL!  Oh, and I think this may have been Noelle's first time truly drinking from a can.  She LOVED it!  The most soda the kids ever get is sharing with J and I at Tokyo Joes or a few sips if they happen to ask (which Noelle will do rarely).  So having their own small can of 7-up was pretty special.

Noelle fully relaxed while watching The Seeker.

All of a sudden Adam has been really wanting to do game nights.  He has been allowed to participate in a small way when we have friends over for the last few months, but it doesn't happen very often that we are hosting on a regular game night.  It has been challenging since Adam can read and likes to play more mature games such as Apples to Apples.  It's a great game for his vocabulary and I think I will into if there is a kid version we can get for Christmas.  Clearly Noelle can't really play a game like that so she doesn't have as much fun and we have to be sure to also play games she can easily do without having an adult partner.  She is fond of Monopoly Jr. and matching games.

I work with Bianca on Sunday so who knows what Justin and the kids will do, besides the grocery shopping.  I do know that Justin wants/needs to build a table/shelf for his trunk to sit on top of so it can be moved and not be in the middle of the room.  He needs something to raise it off the floor since the spot it is going to is over a vent in our bedroom.  It will be interesting to see what he is able to build.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!!

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  1. Game and movie nights are my FAVORITE!! There is an Apples to Apples Junior Edition:


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