Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fetal Echo

Everyone should have heard this by now, but just in case there is anyone who reads this blog who is not a real life friend or isn't a Facebook friend, I thought I should write about it.

I sent both the kids to school/daycare on Friday on order to go to Children's Hospital to have the Fetal Echo done.  It went great and the Doctor said he is very confidant that Little Girl's heart is completely normal and healthy.  Her heartbeat was at about 130 throughout the test.  This is low for Little Girl, but still normal.  The tech who did the actual ultrasound was great and very personable.  She gave me a good overall view of baby before she focused in on the heart.  I spent about 45 minutes looking at the heart on the screen and she was great about explaining what she was looking at and answering all my questions.  I had drank a 1/2 caff Mocha from Starbucks and had a couple donuts on my way to the appointment, which usually puts Little Girl to sleep for half the day.  Not this day!!  She was moving all over and making the tech really earn her money a few times.  When the tech got everything she needed I was allowed a break while she grabbed the doctor to finish the test and explain the results to me.  Since I was at a children's hospital there were free snacks and drinks in the hallway for everyone!  After maybe 10 minutes the Doctor and tech came back and finished the ultrasound. 

Now, about the hospital I was at.  I was really excited to get to go check out the new Children's Hospital Colorado main campus.  I had been to the old campus in Downtown Denver a couple times in the last 8 years with my son, once to the ER when he was just 4 weeks old and once for a surgery (can't seem to recall if that was her eye surgery or his tonsil/adenoid removal).  I was NOT impressed either time.  I didn't like the location and it just seemed grungy.  The new campus is super easy to find and parking is plentiful.  I couldn't believe how gorgeous and clean it was inside!  I didn't notice this for myself, but I hear everything is color coded.  The main entrance is very open and it was easy to figure out where to go.  I was also impressed by the free snacks and drinks in the cardiology unit.  Everyone I encountered was personable, patient, and spoke in the perfect tone of voice for working with kids.  The room I was in had a flat screen on the wall with cable and DVD access to help keep kids happy while waiting and during procedures. 

Before seeing the new campus I would not have chosen to take my kids to Children's Hospital for anything.  Now that I have seen it though, I think it would be a great place to choose.  I'm sure we will continue to go to the outreach at Parker Adventist for minor ER visits.  But if one of the kids breaks something or needs another surgery Children's would be my first choice.

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