Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lily is 4 months

Wow, time is really flying by!  Lily has already hit the 4 month mark.  So let's see, what is she doing?

She talks a ton!  It's super cute and hilarious at the same time.  I have seen her talk to her fist, shove it in her mouth, take it out and talk some more and then repeat that over and over.  So funny!!

She loves to stand on our laps, the ground, and in the excersaucer.  She has really strong legs, but almost no upper body strength.  She can even turn herself in the excersaucer!

Tummy time is still a HUGE problem.  She will tolerate being on her belly now, but she still won't initiate doing a baby push up.  We are making progress though.  She will keep her arms to the side or in front instead of flying them behind her now.  Also, if I set up her position and push lightly on the back of her elbows she will sometimes straighten her arms for a push up.  Most of the time I lock her elbows and make her stay in the position with my help.  Something she can do is she pulls her knees under herself and then pushes which makes her face plant usually.  Gotta get those arms figured out!

She has started to sleep on her side.  So there is some progress too just in that she can get herself into the position.  She is super wiggly still and will often push her body up in the crib, by planting her feet and lifting her butt, until her head is touching the rails.  Silly kid.

Kinda on her side here, I think this was the first time she tried.

She is starting to show a definite preference for me, Mommy, and will tolerate Daddy usually.  If anyone else tries to hold her she gets pretty grumpy.  Like this:

Seriously Mom!

Barely tolerating.

Flat out pissed!

She is able to grab a hold of toys and bring them to her mouth.  She is pretty oral and everything ends up in her mouth!

I take her in this Friday for her 4 month visit with the Pediatrician and am excited to see what her stats are.

Here are her 4 month ladybug and Curious George pics!
(There were tons of funny/silly/cute pics so I plan on posting more in another post.)

Here is month one.
Here is month two.
Here is month three.

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  1. She's getting so big!! I love her smile and her crazy precious!!


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