Sunday, June 10, 2012

Youth Day at Coors Field

Every year we get the chance to go to a Rockies game with our REDS family through CYBSA..  It's lots of fun for the kids since they get to walk the warning track.  

I can actually pick out Noelle's hair in this picture, LOL!!

That would be the back of Noelle's jersey.  It's a lot harder than you would think to get a picture of them doing this.

It's also fun to get to teach the kids about real baseball.  We always choose the "cheaper" seats.  So far we have been in the shade each year AND it allows for the kids, and us, to easily watch what is happening in the game.

 This year Justin decided to try his hand at score keeping.  He was also teaching the kids about it.  He said it was pretty hard to keep up on and some of the things he didn't manage to do.

Can't wait for next years game!

(We left the baby with Grandma Sheri for the day.  I figured we would ALL have more fun that way.)

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