Friday, June 1, 2012


Lily is not a fan of tummy time and until recently I hadn't made it a priority.  But in the last couple weeks she has started to wear a spot of the back of her head just a little to one side.  She spends a LOT of time asleep and in the car seat so I'm not all that surprised.  It still irritates me though since neither of my other kids had it happen.  Needless to say she now spends the majority of awake time, when not nursing, either on her back or sitting in my lap.  If we are at work I will put her in the excersaucer too.

She has also started teething a little worse, which isn't saying much for such a happy kid.  But with the teething has come some ridiculous drool and tongue action.

Enter this:

 Love her expression in this first picture and the drool hanging down her chin.

 That second picture might just be the cutest pic I have EVER taken of her.  I don't know which is funnier, the tongue or the after-pony mohawk she is sporting.  LOL!!

Shadow takes HUGE offense to us being on the floor playing with Lily and not him.  LOL!!  He looks so sad and...pathetic.  Lily looks like she's thinking, "What's up Dawg?"

I hope these pictures gave you as goof a laugh as they did us.  Enjoy your weekend!

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