Friday, June 22, 2012

Noelle's last day of daycare and her Field Day

Even though it was her last day at Belles and Beaus Academy she only showed up for Field Day and then we had to leave due to her eye appointment.

Her best buddy, Liam.  They vowed to marry each other.

Her teacher, Miss Chelsea.  (Mr. Tony had left the center several months earlier.)

 Miss Leah.  This is who she had spent the first hour of her school day with for a full year.  I really liked her and would have been happy to have her be Noelle's teacher.

The 4's pod getting ready for Field Day.

This boy can hula like you wouldn't believe!

Noelle...not so much.

Noelle jumped as far as Adam did.  LOL!!

We had our share of issues while Noelle attended Belles and Beaus but we will miss it and we were very grateful for all her loving teachers!!

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