Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lily is 2 months old!

I truly can not believe my baby girl is 2 months old already!

Chubby cheeks!

I wish I could stop her from growing up so fast.  She is getting so big and learning so many things.  

She has the strongest neck I have EVER seen on a baby.  She has no trouble at all keeping her head upright when sitting in my lap and can raise her head to look straight forward (90 degrees) when laying on her belly.  

She LOVES looking at herself in the mirror on her changing table.  It is so sweet to watch her face light up and listen to her have a conversation with herself.  Oh, yeah, she has been cooing and making other noises for about a week or so now.  

She is also reaching for objects.  She will put her fist out towards her reflection in the mirror and reach towards toys hanging above/to the side of her when laying on an activity mat. 

She is about 5 weeks old here, but you can also see how she reaches out to touch herself.

She is still nursing almost exclusively!!  She gets offered a bottle very rarely and only if she is rooting a lot after a feeding.  It's clear that she prefers nursing to taking a bottle.  I am thankful that she will take take a bottle and drink formula when necessary.

She's a little possessive of her milk supply, LOL!

She goes between waking up once a night to eat and sleeping through the night.  She CAN go all night.  She actually ate at 7pm last night and then not again until 6am today.  I think I finally got her to sleep about 9:30pm and she slept straight through till 6am.  This really helps my sanity since I do get up at 5am every morning to get ready for work.

Lily's hair is growing like crazy!  I swear it has doubled it's length in the last month.  I have learned that if I want it to lie down I have to brush it down before I even dry her off at bath time.  She has discovered that she has hair in the last few days.  When she is playing on a mat or sleeping she will try to grab it.  Should be funny the day she figures out how to grab and pull!


She has started sucking her thumb when she can manage it.  At work today when she was supposed to be napping I kept hearing loud sucking sounds.  Turns out she was desperately trying to suck her thumb and fingers nearly the whole time I was trying to get her to nap.  Stinker!  

I caught her in the act here.

This is our third week back at work.  She does well there and LOVES Evan.  She just lights up when she sees him.  She is very tolerant of an 11 month old learning how to be around her.  Evan likes to hold and tug and her hands and feet.  If I'm not fast enough he will try to climb on her or pull her hair. He seems to adore her as much as she does him!

Evan likes to play on the mat with her.


On the second of every month for Lily's first 12 months I will take a picture of her with Curious George and another with her Ladybug cape.

Here is her month two comparison!

Here is month one.

Happy 2 months baby girl, Mommy loves you!

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  1. Such a sweetie! We really need to get together again soon.

    Liam's hair grew crazy-fast like that. We finally cut it a couple weeks ago. He looks so much more grown up now.


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