Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rough couple of days around here

Is it possible to be so angry and frustrated that you become emotionless??

That's how I am feeling tonight.  Some big changes need to happen in our house, and very quickly.

Friday morning while I was on the computer upstairs the kids got out all 3 dry erase markers Noelle uses for her letter cards and decided to color themselves.  They did they works, fingernails, lipstick, bracelets, and Noelle even colored the entire knee of her pants (one of the only pairs that fit her properly).  For anyone who doesn't know, dry erase markers do NOT come out of fabric!!

Saturday morning while I was still sleeping Justin sent Noelle up to the bathroom to wash up after breakfast.  The spray and wash was still sitting in the bathtub along with the pants I was hoping to save.  Noelle decided to use the spray and wash as gel/hairspray and sprayed it all over her hair.  It was a really lot in her hair and even though he said he rinsed it already I could really smell it when I got up.

Fast forward a few hours to right after lunch.  We had a picnic lunch up in the hallway upstairs because Noelle and Justin had been playing a game and it's what they were doing in it.  When we finished up Noelle went in the bathroom to wash up and they turned around and said she peed a little in her underware (this is an ongoing issue right now).  She then proceeded to spread her legs a little and finished peeing while standing in the middle of the floor talking to us, still fully clothed.

At some unknown time Sunday, while I was at work and Justin was home with the kids, they got scissors and each cut their own hair!  When I got home I looked at Noelle and noticed hair was sticking straight up in the middle of the top of her head.  I looked closer and saw she had bangs all of a sudden.  As I was talking to her about it she kept saying Adam did it, which he of course denied.  Then I looked at Adam and saw he had a chunk of hair missing right up front where bangs would be!  Here's the really odd part, they cleaned up the mess, I couldn't find any hair on the ground where they said they did it at.  AND Justin hadn't even noticed until I pointed it out.  I was so mad I couldn't even stay in the room, I had to leave. 

The kids were in bed at 6:15pm.

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