Sunday, December 20, 2009

Odds and Ends

Noelle got it in her head it would be fun to play in the grocery bag.  She had a great time of it!!

Doing homework!  Usually this is done at the kitchen table, but I just didn't feel like sitting at the table this night.  And J and Noelle were wrapping a gift in the living room anyway, so this made it so we were all together.

Even Shadow.

Noelle has her family's love of wrapping gifts!

We do a Gingerbread House every year, both of the kids LOVE it!  Adam and Noelle each got 2 sides and a 1/2 of the roof to decorate.  This is the first year Adam has done "pretty" decorating so it was really neat!

Noelle is a much neater decorator than Adam ever was.  She can be a little anal about things being neat(when she wants to).

We used coconut as snow afterward and I made a marshmalow snowman to finish it off, those were my only contributions this year.

Aside from controllng the icing J decided it would be fun to put beards on the kids afterwards using the leftover icing.

Shadow liked the icing too!  Since I STILL haven't figured out how to put the video in the blog you can Watch it here!

BTW, if anyone can explain to me how to put the videos directly in the blog with Blogger PLEASE let me know!!

I couldn't decide if he was cuddling with the pillow or getting ready to chew it.

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