Saturday, November 28, 2009


We had a great Thanksgiving this year.  The kids had each picked something out that they would like to have from Grandpa Ron and Grandma Sheri a couple weeks earlier so they got those when we arrived for the day.  Adam got a Hot wheels Razor style scooter.  Even though he has been asking for one for months and months he was a little hesitant and scared when actually faced with riding it.  Once he finally did he had a blast though and really got the hang of it quickly (we do require him to ALWAYS wear a helmet though!!).  Noelle picked out a really neat remote control car that flips over when it hits something and just keeps on going.  It only has 2 buttons and is made from a squishy material so it's perfect for an almost 3 year old.  They both had lots of fun playing with their new toys and old ones, not to count their Aunt, Uncles, and Grandparents!.

The kids got this Jeep Power Wheels a couple months ago and they love it.  Adam just have to have his squirt gun though!!

This was actually Noelle's first time being allowed to drive the Jeep, it goes pretty fast.  Unfortunately a couple Turkeys were not the only catastrophes that day!

That must have been SOME Turkey!!  Notice how she still has her cup of Sparkling Grape Juice though, she would NOT let us take it away.

Hmmm..I'm not sure about Uncle Merle teaching her this one.  Aside from the fact that it was her second bowl of ice cream anyway.

She cuddled right up on her sleeping Uncle Merle.

Dinner was great!  Just don't ask Adam or Noelle.  Adam whined/cried through the whole thing - he says he wasn't hungry despite the fact it was 3pm and he had only had a few chips since breakfast!  And Noelle didn't get too far before she fell asleep.  We had a traditional oven baked Turkey as well as a deep fried one that Merle cooked up.  Both were very tasty!!  And of course, my very favorite, frog-eye salad!!  I don't think it's fair that it only gets made once a year for Thanksgiving.  We had a very fun day visiting and joking with my family!!

I picked up a 20 pound Turkey on sale yesterday and we cooked it up today.  It will provide us with lots of lunch meat and meat for Turkey Noodles and Turkey Pot Pie.  I LOVE that I won't have to buy processed lunch meat for a while.  Now I just have to find space in the freezer!  LOL

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  1. It was a really nice Thanksgiving this year...I love that the kids are getting older and are so much fun!


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