Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chugging along

It is so nice to say everything is going well with us.  This last week was very busy but at least there were no big mishaps along the way.  I have been working an extra lot this month since everyone has Christmas parties they want to go to.  The extra income is very welcome, but it also means I have been extra tired.  What I really need is to learn to go to bed, and actually turn out the light, about 10pm every night I'm home.  LOL, not much chance of that happening soon!

Adam and Noelle had dentist visits last Wednesday.  They do so great for their cleanings!  Since we have new insurance I went ahead and had x-rays done of both kids teeth. 
     When Noelle's came on the screen I could tell right away it wasn't good.  Her bottom front adult teeth are already very, very overlapped and crooked under in the gums.  J and I both have small mouths and she is apparently taking after us there.  Time will tell how they come out in another 3-4 years.  Good news though that her top front adult teeth do not appear to have been harmed by her fall last January.  YEAH!!  And then more icky news, the dentist asked me if she eats a lot of sugary stuff since she appears to be getting the beginning of cavities in her bottom molars.  I told him she really doesn't, but as I thought a minute I realized that ALL her milk is flavored either strawberry or chocolate with syrup.  (it's the only way she will drink cow milk after having drank Very Vanilla Soy Milk for so long)  The dentist said if we can't get rid of the syrup we have to brush her teeth after every time she has the milk.  Man, this kid has the cleanest teeth ever!  They get brushed at least 4 times every day.  We also have to put MI Paste on her teeth at bedtime every night until the new brush on sealant stuff (not sure exactly what it's called) comes in that they have ordered.  I am willing to do anything I need to do to keep her teeth healthy so I'm okay with this.
     Adam's visit with the dentist went better, but still not great.  We learned he is NOT doing a good enough job of brushing his teeth on his own, which we have been allowing him to do for the last 5-6 months.  So we are back to doing the brushing and flossing for him at night.  He is still allowed to do it himself in the morning though.  Based on his x-rays the dentist thinks his bottom front adult teeth are going to come in behind his baby teeth.  This means they may have to pull his 4 front bottom baby teeth in another year or so.  It was very clear on the film that his front teeth should be getting loose based on where the adult teeth are at now.   Again, time will tell!  I did talk to the dentist about the fact that he still sucks on his two fingers when he sleeps.  We have tried everything we can think of over the last 2-3 years to get him to stop, and nothing ever works.  He did stop for a week after his tonsils and adenoids were removed last February due to throat hurting so bad when he sucked.  But once he was mostly healed he started right up again.  Ughh!!  The Dental Hygenist showed and talked to me about a contraption that they can install in his mouth that is guaranteed to get him to stop immediately.  It is put on the roof of the mouth and attached to 2 molars.  It has three prongs that stick down just below the front teeth that would poke him if he were to try to suck his fingers.  I went ahead and had them send it to the insurance to find out what they can cover, since it isn't financially possible if they don't cover it.  We'll see what they say!

Adam had his "Winter" party at Kindergarten on Friday afternoon.  Noelle and I went to it and had a nice time.  The kids sang a song or two and I got to catch a few fingerplays as well since I was a few minutes early.  Otherwise it was kinda boring.  I guess I figured they would actually stand as a group and sing a few songs or do something a little more special.  I just really want him to get to do what I grew up doing.  A huge performance in the gym where everyone dresses up pretty/handsome with tons of people oohing and ahhing over you while you sing the traditional Christmas songs!!  Apparently they did learn about Hanakkuh (or whichever of the 2-3 others ways it can be spelled!), Los Posados and Christmas in school though.  The kid brought home a couple or three Menorahs, some other candle things (Maybe for Los Posados?  They looked like a Menorah but only had 5 candles I think.) and like 1 Christmas Tree dot to dot.  SERIOUSLY!!  I am so disappointed in this whole "holiday" thing in December.  At least let them sing Jingle Bells and Up On The Roof Top, maybe a little Rudolph for good measure!!  Okay, so I have some really strong opinions on this whole thing so I'll be done now since I could go on and on all night.

I went out with a few friends on Friday night to Bliss Cafe in Arvada.  We wanted to get together to relax a little during this busy month and also wanted to try a book exchange.  So how it worked is we each wrapped up a book that we really liked and thought someone else might as well.  We passed the books around the table and you got to take the book you ended up with home with you.  It was lots of fun and I can't wait to read the book I got, which since I'm at work I can't say what the name of it is (it is at my house).  I had some very yummy Cafe Mocha and the smallest piece of $7.25 cheesecake ever!  It was so nice to hang out with good friends and just relax though!!


  1. I had a great time too and will send pics very soon, I promise! =)

  2. When I was a kid I had lots of baby teeth pulled for the same reason, my adult teeth came in behind, or in front, of them. I had 4 pulled at one time.... and I think at least 10-12 overall. Not sure why that happens to some kids. They just did not want out!! Haha. I got braces from age 12-14 though and straightened everything out. And now they have come so far with braces that it's not as expensive and not as big of a deal anymore so try not to worry too much :)
    Glad to hear everything is going pretty well for you guys! I would still love to get you digi scrapping with me :-D


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