Saturday, December 12, 2009

Peacefull week

I am so thankful for a fairly uneventfull week!  After last weekend I really needed some calm days.  It was so nice to go to work on Monday and Tuesday and be able to relax with the girls.  We played cars, babies, pretended to be people we weren't, and just had a nice couple of days.  I even got to lay on the floor 'pretending' to be asleep at one point.  Wow, did that feel good!! 

Both kids had to go have their hair fixed Monday night.  I'll post pics later this weekend when I am actually at home, but I will warn that Noelle now has bangs.  Justin really does NOT like them!  LOL 

Noelle and I finished up the Christmas shopping on Wednesday morning.  Now I just need to find the time to get everything wrapped and also to mail one box to Jersey.  Wednesday also brought a visit from Aunt Dez, which both of the kids were so excited about.  They have missed her and their cousins these last couple of months and are very sad they won't get to see them at Christmas this year. 

I have taken Adam out of KE on Friday mornings and am keeping him home with us so we can save a little money.  We did have to go run a couple of errands but it wasn't too bad.  I was having an awful time finding a couple outfits for Noelle but finally found some at Old navy that I really like.  Adam got a new winter coat and snow pants this week and passed his old coat onto Noelle.  Noelle was pretty excited for her 'new' coat!  She now wears a pink or black hat, red coat, puple snow pants, and pink boots and gloves.  It is quite the combo!  LOL  I'll have to take a pic next time they are all dressed up to play in the snow, which shouldn't take too long this year.

I am working all day today into the early morning hours of Sunday.  The kids are spending the day and night with Grandma Sheri, which means J gets the WHOLE day to himself!!  Must be nice!  Grandma and Auntie Stef are going to take the kids to some sort of parade up in Frederick tonight so I'm sure they will LOVE that.

I will try to post pics from this last week tomorrow morning!!

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