Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Work, Work, Work

I need an extra day between Tuesday and Wednesday this week. I worked 7am-3:30pm and then 6pm-12:30am yesterday. Today I will have worked 7-3:30 again, plus 6pm tonight to 6am Weds. morning. I love getting the extra hours in, I am just trying to figure out when I am supposed to pay bills and do my baking and such. And on top of that we did lunch at the park again with Adam's preschool friends today. I ran the kids around and around the park chasing the cheapo Barbie kite. We managed to break both streamer tail thingies off it AND broke through both pre made holes you attach the string through. The wind was a little volatile!! I thought for sure we were going to take out a few people. I am going to have to get J to show me how to put together our real kite, which is more fabric like and huge, for next time. Still no camera, but I wouldn't have time to get the pics up anyway!! I have to take Adam out of school early Wednesday for an eye doctor appointment and then we have some running around town to do so it will be another busy one!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather!

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