Monday, April 13, 2009

We're still here!

It has been a long while since I posted. I have lots to share and some great pics I want to post, including the two Friday Photos I have now missed. The reason I haven't posted (besides being busy unpacking), technical difficulties. We have 3, no, make that 4 computers at home (2 desktops and 2 laptops). One of the laptops isn't good for anything really, it doesn't have Microsoft programs or Internet or anything on it (I don't recall what it runs, but I don't believe it is Windows). One of the desktops is currently out of order because J tried to install Vista on it, computer couldn't handle it, and now the XP disk isn't working in order to get the computer up and running. That desktop was our main computer before J bought his new desktop in December. My whole life is on that computer and it has been a long process of creating new files to replace my old ones and getting addresses for families I work for, but the hardest thing is that I hadn't printed any pictures from Christmas or Noelle's birthday. His new one has Vista and can handle Spore as well as making WOW easier to play. It is very nice! Unfortunately it does not have Picture It, which is what I am used to messing with my pictures in. So that has left me with the other laptop, it is about 6-7 years old but works great for what I use it for and used to work great off wireless Internet and was networked with J's new computer. Well, on Tuesday last week I took the kids to the zoo, within a few minutes my camera was reading full. So I unloaded it on the laptop on Thursday or Friday (I usually would have put it on the old desktop were all the other pics and videos are organized). The camera had about 1 month worth of pics and lots of video on it, apparently so much that I took up just enough room on the laptop that now it doesn't have enough extra space to run the network, which means no Internet. Very frustrating!! I actually have a post written on the laptop, just haven't been able to post it! I even have pics picked out for Friday Photos and just in general. Now that I have bored you senseless with all of that, I will put forth the energy to use the flash drive tonight in order to get what I want off the laptop and onto J's desktop, in order to do some posting tonight. I will post several different times so that it is not just one huge post. So be sure to check back on Tuesday to see what we have been up to!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday!!

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  1. Hi Charlotte! Hope you're settling in well to the new house.

    I am behind on blogging too -- life just gets too busy sometimes.

    Hope to see you at MOPS!


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