Monday, April 20, 2009

What time should I pick him up?

Adam had what I call his "kid party" on Sunday to celebrate his birthday. He invited his 2 cousins and 4 friends from school, everyone was able to make it which gave us a grand total of 8 kids. My assumption (and you know what they say about that!) was there would be the 6 invited kids, a parent or two per kid, and maybe even a few siblings thrown into the mix. Boy was I wrong, but at least we had plenty of food! Grandma shows up with the first little boy and asks, "What time should I pick him up?" HUH?!?! I hope we covered our surprise well. It never occurred to me that the parents would not stay for the party. This is only the second "kid party" we have done and last time every single parent stayed, plus some siblings. Is 5 some magical age I didn't know about where all of a sudden kids just get dropped off for a birthday party? I had thought that wouldn't start for a few more years. Well, sure enough the next 2 parents said the same thing when they came to the door, the fourth parent asked but opted to stay for the party. So we ended up with the 8 kids and 4 adults. I happen to like all four kids Adam invited from school and think they are all very well behaved so the party was a great success. The 6 boys ran around with swords and guns and played super heroes, while the 2 girls (Noelle and her cousin) did their girlie stuff for the most part. It appeared everyone had a great time and they all went home happy, if a little reluctant to leave. Now my big question is, is this what I should expect next time and is there a way I can write the invitation so it is clear that the parents are included or not? I guess I will deal with that in 11 months when it comes up again!

Even though Adam should have received his gift from us tonight at Chucky Cheese (his choice for dinner) we went ahead and gave it to him last night while his cousins were still over. That way they could enjoy it with him. We gave him Sonic Unleashed for the Wii. I'm not sure anyone was excited about it, what do you think?? LOL

This is a card his friend from school made for him. So sweet! I never buy birthday cards anymore. The kids always make cards for birthdays, regardless of whether it is for an adult or child. I just think it makes it that much more special. That's why I especially liked this card. We even allow the kids to wrap all the gifts they are giving to someone, and no they don't end up perfect, but again it makes it that much more special that they did it themselves for that person.

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  1. dang he's getting so big! I remember being dropped off at birthday parties as a kid. I think for the most part kids kind of entertain themselves when there are other kids around but you are right, that would seem kind of weird if I was in your shoes.

    I like the card and gift wrapping idea, it does make it special. I still make my own cards (depending on who it's for). I even gave my mom one for mothers day a few years look like a 6 year old drew it but that was the point and she thought it was special enough to frame it :)


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