Monday, April 27, 2009

Enjoying the Weather

Okay, so despite the fact that we have a few inches of snow on the ground this morning we really enjoyed the warm weather last week!! We spent a lot of time outside on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

We went to the park with a bunch of kids (and their moms or dad) from Adam's preschool on Tuesday. I hadn't known about the play date beforehand so I called Justin and he was willing to pick up a couple of happy meals and bring them to us. It was so nice of him!! I think the kids played for about 2 hours and all did such a great job. I think the plan is to try to go every Tuesday when the weather is nice. It should be lots of fun and I really like Adam's classmates and their parents, so that's a big plus.

Thursday was a very busy day of driving all over, but was so worth it! After Adam got out of school we headed up to Golden for a play date with a bunch of MOPS friends and their kids. Their were five of us moms and we all have a 4/5 year old, 3 of us have 2 year olds and the other 2 have babies. I had such a great time getting to visit and catch up with my MOPS friends, especially since both our meetings in April were cancelled due to the weather!! We stayed at the park for 3 hours then had to head towards home for an appointment before the seminar we go to on Thursday nights. We had 2 picnic lunches that day!

We started Friday off with Adam's 5 year well check, went to the optical shop to fix Noelle's glasses, and then headed up north (again) to my dad and Sheri's house. Sheri, Stef, and I took the kids up to Boulder to the (FREE) Children's Festival. It was tons of fun and the weather was perfect for it, cloudy but no rain! The kids did all kinds of fun activities. Adam planted a bean plant and added some worm compost to the top of it, which proceeded to be spilt in Sheri's purse when we were visiting the dogs at the Humane Society van. Sheri was teased endlessly about having worm poop in her purse the rest of the day!! Noelle made a bracelet with a few beads at the Girl Scout booth, she is still wearing it! They also fished, got tattoos, stickers, face paintings, played with a parachute, in moon sand, with bubbles, well you get the idea. They seemed to really enjoy themselves and I'm sure we will make a tradition of going every year. Oh, and the tulips up there on the Pearl Street mall were just gorgeous!! They were huge and vibrant, I have never seen anything like it!!

We had to head back home Friday afternoon so that Justin and I could go out for our birthdays. Dez was so kind as to watch the kids while we went to get dinner and to see a movie. We saw "The Soloist" which we both really liked and would definitely recommend.

I have some great pics from last week but can't post them since I left my camera up north. Hopefully I can pick it up Wednesday when I head that way to take a dear friend and her family some goodies to help them through a difficult time. So check back late this week for the pics AND I had a great picture for my Friday Photo that I will post (even if it will be nearly a week late).


  1. Christie and I wanted to go see the Soloist, glad to hear it was good enough to recommend!

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