Friday, January 30, 2009

Cherry Creek

The kids and I are taking it easy today. I usually spend all day on Fridays doing chores if we are at home. But today I decided both the kids and I needed a fun day together. Noelle helped me bake some banana bread for a friend this morning and then we did have to run to Target real quick. When we got home we went for a walk/bike ride to the trail right behind our apartment. Part of Cherry Creek runs along it and I felt it was warm enough to let the kids go down by it and play around. They had sooo much fun!! Noelle thought it was great fun to play in the mud and sling it into the water. Both of their shoes came away covered in mud! I can't wait until the water gets warmer so they can wade in it and splash around. We had a wonderful morning together and hopefully we will have a great afternoon too!

She is such a tom-boy.
He is all about sticks, the bigger the better!

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