Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lots of exciting news

Adam has wanted Batman pj's ALL winter, well technically since the end of last winter when he outgrew his old hand-me-down pair. I went ahead and got him a pair today and he was SOO excited when they were waiting on his bedroom floor for him after bath. It feels good to make someone that happy, definitely worth the $10.

Now that that's done onto the more exciting news that Adam is officially reading. We started working on it at home a month or so ago and he has really caught on quickly. He does really well at "Hop On Pop" and also read a phonics book called "Clifford Can" tonight. The "k" sound is one of the sounds he is working on in speech therapy right now so he also got a lot of that practice in since he is supposed to be working on using it appropriately in sentences instead of in single words now. He is so proud of himself when he sounds out a word and gets what it is really supposed to be on his own. We think he is going to be a reader just like his mommy and daddy are.
So I complain a LOT about how much Adam and Noelle fight like typical siblings, or worse. I have been really excited this last week or so that they are starting to do more playing together instead fighting. It seems that Adam is always asking Noelle if she wants to play this or that with him, usually it is sword fighting. Yesterday they played Hide and Seek for AN HOUR AND 15 MINS. With no fighting at all, and Noelle actually got how to play even. She would come stand by me when it was her turn to count and repeat the numbers 1-10 after me then say "here I come". It was so precious to see. I also helped her find some more challenging spots to hide so that it was still fun for Adam. It is actually amazing how many great hiding places there are in a little apartment (their tiny size probally helps that).
My last bit of exciting news is that we put in an offer for a house Friday night. We gave them 2 weeks to counter, accept, or decline so wish us luck! It is actually a duplex (the offer is for only one side of it) and located about a mile or less south of where we are now, still off Jordan Road. It is a 3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, has some hardwood floors and a 2 car attached garage. It does have a perfect sized backyard, enough for the kids to play in but no so much that there would be a ton of upkeep. We hope to have the offer accepted and close on 2/24/09 since we have to be out of our apartment on the 28th. Please wish us luck and keep us in your thoughts and prayers that everything goes smoothly!!

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