Saturday, January 10, 2009

Noelle's ER visit

Noelle had her first ER visit today. She fell down and hit a front tooth on the corner of a leg on the kitchen table. I will add that the 1 tooth is the only thing that hit, she has no other marks on her face. Justin was home alone with the kids and called 911 immediately because it started gushing blood. The paramedics came and told him to go ahead and take her to Children's Hospital @ Parker Adventist which is right down the street from us. Since it was not life threatening we avoided an ambulance bill by taking her in by car instead of ambulance. The ER checked out her gums and the bone above her top teeth and pretty much told Justin to take her to the dentist on Monday. Since they did not have a dentist on staff they consulted a dentist at the main Children's Hospital who asked questions to the doctor at Parker. So she has not actually seen a dentist yet. I am a little torqued about that. I went ahead and put a call into our dentist tonight and they have yet to return the call, also really annoying. She is holding up well considering how much pain she is in. She normally drinks from a straw cup or sippy but can't now because of the pressure it puts on the tooth. I have been giving her Pedialyte using a medicine syringe, which she likes because she LOVES medicine so she thinks she is getting a lot of medicine! She also can not eat any solid food and doesn't really want to try eating any liquid like foods yet. I feel so sorry for her, but she has been such a trooper! We have known for a while that she was going to be our ER kid, she is a walking disaster!!

Nice pretty teeth before she fell.
Not so pretty anymore.
And kinda gross actually!
(Please excuse the blood around her mouth, there was no way I was going near her with a washcloth and accidentally bumping her tooth.)


  1. Oh my goodness! Poor girl. She does seem like a trooper, though.

    Over here, Brenna stabbed her hand with a knife yesterday while doing dishes. Thankfully we don't think she needs stitches.

  2. OUTCH!! Looks like she's holding up well but it's still not fun. God knows it won't be the last time. I have tons of scars from being a kid.....but that may be because I am a boy!

  3. OUCH those pictures are painful to just look at. She however seems none too bothered by it. And she is STILL very beautiful, just like her mama. You are a trooper too. Tell Justin he rocks for his quick thinking and not passing out with all the blood. YUCK


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