Friday, January 23, 2009

What a Thursday!

We had a very busy, and not at all what was planned, Thursday. Noelle had her 2 year well check scheduled for 8:30am. I ended up taking Adam in at the same time to be seen because his skin is still very dry, it has been peeling and flaking since about Christmas. The appointments went well. Our big concerns with Noelle are her clumsiness and how she doesn't sleep. The Dr. wants us to try emptying her room of all toys, books, anything she can play with and put a gate in the doorway and then ignore her. We have avoided this in the past since the kids share a room. So for right now Adam is napping in our room and starting in our room for bed, then Justin moves him to his own bed when he is ready for bed. I figured Noelle would sleep on the floor every time but she has actually fallen asleep in her bed all 3 times so far. I will say that it was after 9pm when she finally gave up and went to sleep last night (she goes down at 7:30). Also she is a climber so I started with a little wooden gate, it wasn't tall enough. I switched to a taller gate, well it happens to have a perfect foothold for climbing on both sides. So what I ended up with was stacking the two, looks very silly but serves the purpose.

The doctor thinks Adam's skin dryness is very weird given the steps we have been taking to help it. He gets lotioned twice a day with Eucerine, he is using Dove liquid soap in the shower, we are running a humidifier in the bedroom, he takes an omega 3 supplement, gets plenty of B vitamins, and drinks as much as we can get him to (which is still only about 20 ounces a day, he is NOT a drinker). She is not really concerned just thinks it is weird and unnessesary for him to be sooo dry that he is covered in white flakes and is peeling around his neck and underarms (which is how we feel too). We are trying hydrocortisone on the peeling and red spots and it seems to be working. Most likely I will be taking him to be re-tested on his allergies though in case his is having trouble with something in that area.

The bigger Adam news is that he ended up in the ER yesterday as well. He got a scratch on his arm that is only about 1 to 1-1/2 inches long, not deep and barely bled. He was so concerned about it bleeding though that he pretty much passed out and had a little convulsion from the anxiety of it. It only lasted about 5 seconds total and was just weird. At first I thought he was just being a silly boy and throwing himself off the toilet lid, everyone knows how boys can be! But his eyes were dilated, his lips white and he was nauseous. I called the nurse and they said if I really thought he did pass out then I had to take him in. So we went to Parker Adventist, which has a Children's Hospital in it, instead of the zoo as planned. He is fine and the kids got to watch The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and eat PBJ at the hospital. Now we just hope it doesn't happen again. I get light headed and dizzy very easy and Justin has fainted several times over the years. Oh the wonderful things we wish we didn't pass down to our children!!

The kids have still been playing very well together this week. Not surprisingly, considering the number of doctors they have seen recently, their favorite toy this week has been the doctor kit. Here are just a couple cute pics of them playing this morning!

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