Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sewing like crazy

I have been sewing and crafting like crazy this last month.  Here's what I have made so far:

Bean Bags:  These are made using two 5"x5" pieces of quilting fabric (for strength and durability) and 2/3 cup dried beans.  Noelle's bags are different on the two sides, but still have a matching bag.  So there are 5 sets.  Adam's have the same fabric on both sides of each 5 sets.



My nephew, Ethan, asked for a Super Mario Mushroom Pillow for Christmas.  Justin made the pattern and cut it out.  He also hand stitched the 'shine' of the eyes onto the black and the eyes onto the cream face.  (I am not big on hand stitching/sewing anything, I much prefer my machine.)  I did all the rest of the sewing.  The 4 white circles are a soft felt and the rest is regular cotton.  The only issue I ran into was getting the circles onto the curved sides, that was challenging.  It should be machine washable if necessary, but since it will be stuffed I wouldn't recommend it.  I think it came out to be about 1 1/2ft x 1 1/2 ft.  Since this had to be shipped with other gifts to New Jersey my MIL Michele agreed to stuff it and finish sewing the seam left open in order to do so.  Thanks again Michele!!

Fleece hats:  Again, Justin made the patterns and did all of the cutting.  He also hand stitched the eyes on Totoro.  These are mostly fleece with some felt embellishment (teeth, eyes, horns), they are also lined with fleece.  They are VERY warm!  The One Eyed Monster is for my nephew Ethan and Totoro is for my niece Mary.

This was supposed to be a horse, but when I got it all sewn it looked more like Totoro.  So there you go.

 Bookmarks:  I cross-stitched a Tinkerbell bookmark for Noelle and Finished the back in a purple cotton left over from her baby bedding.  I have not finished Adam's yet, but his is a Pirate and will be finished with a red bandanna backing (leftover from King's Day).  I have also made, and have several left to make, quite a few other bookmarks made from good quality quilting fabric.  No pictures yet though since they are surprises.

Okay, so this one wasn't sewn and only took about 5 minutes.  I thought of it all by myself and really like how it turned out though, so I wanted to share.  I used some green twine/thread rope stuff I found at Archiver's along with 10 red mini clothes pins to make this Christmas Card Clothesline for the cards we have received.  I tied each clothespin onto the rope through the hole in the spring so that they would stay equal distances apart. The clothespins are approx. 6 inches apart and there is 12 inches of extra at each end.

I have since added a few cards and it is more filled out and looks great!

Justin really wants to make some more fleece hats, but I need a little break from my sewing machine one I finish up a few more bookmarks.  I do have a few projects that have to get done before about mid-January though.  I really want to make Noelle a t-shirt for her Birthday again.  She was really into Mickey Mouse last year so I sewed a Mickey patch onto a red t-shirt and wrote her name by it.  She LOVES the shirt and still wears it every week.  I need to figure out what she would like this year though.  I also have a few projects I would like to make for Lily.  I want to make her a onesie with her name and, hopefully, a lily on it.  I also really want to make at least one of these dresses and a couple of these changing pads for when we are not at home.

Wish me luck getting the rest of my projects done!!

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