Saturday, December 17, 2011

December Fun

We started December off big with a visit with Santa at the Cordova house.  The kids always love this and it is a nice relaxing night for everyone.  We had 6 kids this year, but only the older 4 were willing to visit with Santa and tell him what they wanted.  A HUGE thanks to the Westminster Fire Department for this wonderful program!!

Adam whispered xbox in Santa's ear.  Good luck buddy, good luck!

Noelle insisted on giving Santa cookies.

Her requests - a new Wii (ours is currently not turning on) and a new truck for Grandpa Ron.  I assumed my Dad was telling her to ask for that.  Nope, she thought of it all by herself.  LOL!

We had LOTS of snow at the very beginning of the month.  The kids constantly wanted to be outside playing and sledding in the backyard.

Justin decided that Shadow needed a scarf just like himself and the kids.

Adam had a pack meeting toward the beginning of the month as well.  Noelle went to stay with a babysitter by herself so that I could attend.  The older boys put on a variety of puppet shows and all the boys were given their latest badges, belt loops, and pins.

He was very proud of all his achievements!!

He received belt loops/pins for Reading and Writing, Computers, and Art, two arrow points, a popcorn badge, and his Bobcat deal which he has earned 2 beads for so far.  Each bead represents 3 things they have earned so far.

Noelle had a Holiday Program with her daycare.  It was held at a local high school and was super cute.  I decided the occasion called for something more than her normal jeans and t-shirt with her face obscured by her hair look.  She actually let me do her hair and dress her up with no problem, I was very surprised.  Pictures of the actual program were really hard to get, ad lighting, but I was able to take video of all four songs her class performed.  I haven't had the time yet to edit them.  Hopefully over Christmas I can get to that.

She looked so sweet!!

With Grandpa Ron.

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  1. I love the picture of Shadow looking up. He's such a handsome guy :)


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