Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our Christmas Stocking Tradition

I LOVE our stockings and thought it would be fun to share our tradition.  

I like the idea of them being similar, but not the exact same.  I do like uniqueness.  So when Adam was a baby we bought a bunch (I think 6, 2 each of red, blue, and green) of plain stockings.  If I remember right they were from Target.  I used iron on letters to put Mom, Dad, Adam, and later on Noelle on them.  (I can't wait to make Lily's next year!!)  Every year we each make a trip to JoAnn's or Michael's to pick out charms that signify the year for each of us.  It's always fun and the kids look forward to it.  Justin, Adam, and I each have 8 charms/decoration sets now and Noelle has 5.

Since we don't have a fireplace or even a wall shelf this is how we hang them.

Charlotte's - the word "mother", heart lock and key, sewing scissors, fairy, dog, snowflakes, pink "baby" circle, and giraffe.

Justin's - the word "father", gears, grad cap, giraffe, castle, dragon, dog, and an "Adam" birth certificate (the rectangle thing you can't make out well).

Adam's - birth certificate, hand print, bat glove ball set, turtle, baseball glove, and I think the other three are all dragons.

Noelle's - pink and white striped onepiece, elephant, giraffe, teddy bear, and cat with heart paw prints.

Justin, Noelle, and I all chose a Giraffe charm for our trip to the Maryland Zoo where we got to spend a ton of time feeding and petting the Giraffes.  Adam chose a turtle this year since he really like them.

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