Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas! Part 1

We had a wonderful and fun Christmas Day with our families!

We started off early on Christmas Eve by opening a family gift from Greg and Michele and the kids each opened their Christmas clothes from Grandma Sheri.

Pancake making supplies!!  We LOVE pancakes at this house, plus I have wanted one of these squeeze bottles and molds to make shapes for a couple years.  Thank you Greg and Michele!!  We can't to try it out.

Adam read us "'Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Santa came while we were sleeping.  He ate a couple cookies, drank some milk, left a gift for each child, AND hatched a couple Dragon Eggs!!  (There is a story to go with the eggs, but that is for another time.)

Hmm...looks like Adam's Dragon hatched very hungry.
Oh, he filled a couple stockings with goodies while he was at it!

If I remember right Noelle's Dragon's name is Eggers.

I have no clue what Adam's Dragon's name is.

Noelle LOVES the Explorer Santa brought her.

Awesome!!  Star Wars Pod Racers.

Obsessed already.

Special bookmarks from Mommy.

Pickachu!!  (Pretty sure that isn't spelled right.)

Slippers very similar to Mommy and Daddy's.  She LOVES them!

Adam Picked out this necklace for Noelle all on his own from his school's holiday gift shop.  I was very proud of him for thinking of her.

This one needs an explanation.  Adam received a HUGE Nemo for his 1st birthday.  He was done with it and it was placed in the donate pile.  Noelle repeatedly took it out and tried to keep it for herself.  The thing was so big that I really just wanted it gone.  It FINALLY got donated and she never did let it go from her mind.  She asked Santa for a Nemo of her own so I went ahead and bought her a 12" one.  She was very excited to open it and has had it by her side most of the time since then.

She even feeds him with the Chimp Sticks Santa gave her in her stocking.  LOL!!  She used her Chimp Sticks at Tokyo Joe's today and managed to eat her whole lunch without using her fork.  Yeah!!

My beautiful children that I feel so blessed to call my own!!

To be continued...

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