Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hi! We're still here!

Between working FT and being pregnant I am just having a hard time keeping up.  My entire life gets posted to FB, but since this takes more effort it is harder to get to.

GD - I was diagnosed with gestation diabetes on the Monday before Thanksgiving.  HUGE bummer.  My 1 hour number was 244 and they want you under 140.  Of course, I have very little self control when presented with free donuts.  I had 2 before the test, oops!  The doctor refuses to let me take the 3 hour test, she says she wouldn't trust it since my original number was so high.  I have HUGE doubts that I really have GD,  but am willing to eat better for Lily.

Thanksgiving - We had a nice relaxing day at home.  Justin's brother Derrick, sister Jenna, and her bf Grant joined us for dinner.  It was very low key and easy.  All the food was delicious and I even got a little cupcake sized pumpkin pie!!

It was a gorgeous day so the kids spent a couple hours doing this:

Uncle Derrick started teaching Adam about skateboarding: 

Can't forget the great food:

On Friday we went to lunch with my Step-mom Sheri and visited The Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster.  We had lots of fun looking at all the insects and butterflies.  Noelle liked the starfish, but Adam said he liked the butterflies best.  I left the camera at home so all the pictures were taken on our phones.  Sorry for any blurry images.

Justin and both of the kids held Rosie the Tarantula.  I pulled the "I'm pregnant" card.

They have a hands on kids play area that was also fun:

The zip line was a HUGE hit:

Who wants to get me a pair of these?  I look AWESOME!!  (Please ignore the grumpy guy in the background, doesn't he know you are supposed to be having fun!)

My little butterflies.  LOL!!

At some point we decorated the tree, I don't recall when, but it was later than normal.  We also made a trip to Hallmark for ornaments.  We each get to pick 1 every year.  I have a series that I get but everyone else just randomly picks what they like.

My wonderful friend Michelle took the time to take family pictures of us as well.  Once I get the Christmas cards sent out I'll share the pictures.

That takes care of the rest of November.  Since early December will also be picture heavy I'll make a new post for it.

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