Friday, November 4, 2011

Random Tidbits 3

1.  My 4 year old begged to watch "The Safe Side: Stranger Safety" video by Julie Clark (founder of The Baby Einstein Company) and John Walsh (host of America's Most Wanted), this morning.  When I said no and recommended watching a "real" movie she responded with, "But Mommy, I don't remember how to be safe around strangers!!"  She got to watch it.  I really like the video and think is does a good job of teaching safety without scaring kids.  It teaches about different people, "don't knows", "kinda knows", and safe side adults.  It also uses great language for young children and is easy to follow and understand.  We watched it with the kids the first few times, but now they randomly ask to watch it on their own.  I highly recommend it!!

2.  This 4 year old had a 101 degree temp last night and was coughing horribly.  I'm very thankful she bounces back quickly.  (Clearly I am not someone who believes kids can't play in the cold when sick.)

Also, I LOVE that I have a sledding hill in my very own back yard.  I personally HATE the cold and snow.  The fact that she can play in the backyard to her hearts content and I can stay warm inside makes me very happy.

3.  I had to file a formal complaint with the Colorado Division of Childcare this week. Really long story short...a little over a week ago my daughter hit her head under her cubby and bled for over an hour before I arrived to pick her up and noticed the blood.  Not a single person at the school noticed the dried, bloody hair on the back of her head that was as big as my fist and had dripped down the back of her shirt.  I was NOT a happy Mommy that afternoon.  She ended up bleeding for about 2 1/2 hours before it finally stopped.  It was a scary experience and my first time dealing with a bleeding scalp.  Impressive after 12 years in childcare.  To make matters worse both the Asst. Director and Owner tried to touch the wet blood with their bare hands.  That's a really big no no and very common First Aid knowledge.  I had to speak up and stop them.  Now I am anxiously awaiting the outcome.

4.  We did not buy costumes or pumpkins this year.  Otherwise we celebrated in all our normal ways.  The kids never asked about carving pumpkins, thank goodness.  Noelle dressed up as Snow White (donated to us by a friend), a REDS baseball player (her t-ball uniform, minus cleats), and a Ballerina (hand me down tutu from who knows where, leotard from the 1 class she took 2 years ago, a.  Adam was a Wizard, Optimus Prime, and Wolverine.  The only costume that was fairly new was the Wizard.  I made it in July for our family's King's Day Celebration and it consisted of a tabard and cloak.  I think they actually enjoyed getting to pick a different costume for every event we attended.

5. We had a ghost pinata at out Halloween party last Saturday.  We always start with either the birthday child or youngest kid.  Noelle went 3rd and smacked the bottom off.  I was flabbergasted!!  Fortunately the kids were so excited for the candy pouring out that they didn't care that they didn't get a turn.  Not a single child spoke up about it.  WOW!!

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